Guided Meditation to Learn Kapalabhati Breath

Kapalabhati Breath, also known as skull-shining breath or breath of fire, is an intense, energetic technique designed to help you raise your energy, and experience a feeling of lightness and clarity, as you open your third eye center.

The technique is a series of short, sharp exhalations, with a quick, automatic inhalation following each. For more information, see this post on how to do kapalabhati breath.

In this guided meditation, I walk you through how to do this powerful breath technique, and guide you into using it to increase your awareness in the third eye.

I hope you enjoy!

Guided Kapalabhati Meditation Script

Today, we are going to take a different approach to the breath. The meditations we have worked with so far have all been soothing, with a calming approach to the breath.

Today, however, we are going to try a more active approach, using Kapalabhati, or skull-shining breath, to awaken and energize your body and mind.

This technique may feel awkward or uncomfortable the first few times you try it. I encourage you to have patience, and stick with the practice several times before deciding if it’s for you. If, however, you feel faint, dizzy, or light-hearted, release the technique completely, or slow down the intensity of it.

With that, let’s begin.

Sit comfortably, with an erect spine. Take a few easy breaths, coming to center as I explain the technique first.

Kapalabhati is a series of short, sharp exhalations. On each exhalation, you want to push the air out forcefully, using a strong motion from your abdomen to immediately relax the diaphragm and intracostal muscles. There is a sharp, downward feeling to this expiration.

Then, your breath in will occur automatically, as a quick response to the forceful exhale. 

When you are ready, let’s begin. Starting slowly at first.

*slow demonstration*

Gradually, begin to increase the speed and intensity of this breath.

Kapalabhati can feel challenging. It requires both concentration and endurance. Try to remain with the technique, even as it becomes tiring. If you can’t continue breathing quickly, slow down. It is better to maintain the breath at a slower pace, than to start and stop.

*more kapalabhati*

As you continue to build this energy, you will likely notice a feeling of lightness in your forehead. You may visualize images of light, or have a sense of laser-like focus and concentration.

As the Kapalabhati technique becomes more automatic, you can bring your awareness to your third-eye center, continuing to enliven your breath even more.

*more kapalabhati*

A few more seconds

*more kapalabhati*

Continue with one final surge of energy, speeding up a little bit more. Pushing your breath forward.

Then, release the breath suddenly. Take a long, deep inhale through your mouth, and exhale with a loud sigh.

Then allow your breath to come back to normal, but maintain your focus in your third eye center. Take the rest of this meditation to focus on the light between your eyes. Just be.

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