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How To Release Resistance on any Topic: Law of Attraction Principles

When you’re working with The Law of Attraction, one of the most important skills you can learn revolves around how to release resistance. Understanding and mastering this ability is key if you want to use the laws of attraction and vibration to manifest your desires.

In this post, I’ll outline why it’s important to get rid of your resistance, and a few simple techniques you can take to release resistance on any topic.

How Resistance Prevents The Law of Attraction from Manifesting Your Aim

First, let’s take a brief look at why it’s important to get rid of your resistance when you’re working with The Law of Attraction.

Resistance is a term that refers to an impartial force, or collection of negative energy that you hold within you. Whatever it is that you desire, whether it’s more money, vibrant health, or a stronger relationship, if you are not currently experiencing your desire, then you hold some resistance about it.

All this means is that you have one or more beliefs that are stopping you from receiving your desire. Since you are always an exact match to the circumstances you experience, you can use your external environment as a clue about what beliefs you need to change.

Many people like to think of resistance as a powerful, destructive force, acting like a roadblock on your path. You may have heard an analogy comparing resistance to an obstruction or barrier that physically prevents you from moving forward.

Shifting your perspective to think of resistance as a collection of beliefs, however, makes dealing with and releasing this negative energy more manageable.

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How Long Does It Take To Release Resistance?

Releasing resistance does not have to be a long, drawn out process. It can happen instantaneously, if you are ready to let go.

To understand this, know that it is not that something else is holding you back; it’s that your own ideas and assumptions about how the world works and your role within it don’t line up with what you need to believe in order to manifest your goal.

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Another way to think about it is to compare resistance to doubt. When you doubt something, you believe you can’t have it. Similarly, resistance is evidence that, in some way, you believe you can’t have the thing that you want. Maybe there are physical world reasons for this believe (for example, you see that your bank account is empty), but so long as you’re looking to the physical world, you are reversing the true role of cause and effect.

Releasing resistance, then is simply a matter of shifting your perspective and creating a new set of more empowering beliefs. 

Now let’s turn to a few ways in which you can allow that energy to pass through you, and allow the Law of Attraction to bring you closer to your aim.

How To Release Resistance on Any Topic

You can apply the following 4 practices to any area of your life, and any goal you hold, no matter how large or far-off it may seem. The same principles will work equally for a ‘small’ goal as they will for a ‘large’ or ‘ambitious’ aim.

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Practice Non-Judgment and Unconditional Acceptance

First, develop the habit of practicing non-judgment. 

When we judge external circumstances – whether reflected through another’s actions, life-circumstances, or our own self-judgments – we reflect a belief that those circumstances are not ok. This, in turn, implies that something in the environment needs to change in order for you to be well.

Judgment implies that you are not already perfect, and do not already have the ability to be, do, or have anything that you choose.

Unconditional acceptance, on the other hand, allows your current circumstances to pass through you more easily. When you accept what is in front of you in this moment, you allow the thought to pass through you.

You already do this, all of the time, with most of what you experience. Every time you pass a tree, or see a car on the highway, for example, you allow that idea to flit easily through your mind and you probably don’t give it a second thought.

Work on extending this same level of ease and acceptance to all areas of your life.

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Center in the Now-Moment

Another powerful tool for releasing resistance is to center into the present moment. Most of our negative energy comes from situations that are not actually happening right now. We carry over past events, often feeling guilt, shame, or regret, and try to anticipate and worry about the future.

When you can learn to relax your mind away from these tendencies, and bring a clearer appreciation of everything that is happening right now, you will find that a large amount of your own internal resistance will disappear. 

Not only do you release this unnecessary negativity, but focusing on the ‘The Now’ can also help you to see the incredible power of being present in the moment. This practice – which we often talk about in terms of mindfulness – will help you to develop greater and greater feelings of joy and happiness. Becoming more mindful will increase your physical sense perceptions, so you begin to find more and more richness in your life, every second of every day.

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Increase Your Trust in a Positive Outcome

Releasing your resistance also goes hand in hand with your ability to develop a strong sense of trust.

If you hold empowering beliefs, you are less likely to fret about small details that don’t seem to go your way. If you know that everything is always working out for you, you don’t have to worry about what each little action and interaction might mean, and you can instead relax and begin to enjoy your life more fully.

Gain Control of Your Thoughts

Lastly, you can release resistance on any topic by learning how to gain control of your thoughts. You do this by learning how to connect your thoughts to your resonance. Resonance reflects the feeling that your thoughts instill within you. When a thought feels good, we say that it resonates, which means it is an indication that you are on track towards your goals…even when the logical mind doesn’t yet understand how or why things are working out.

To gain control of these thought-feelings, you can always focus on noticing what subtle emotions different types of thought provoke, and then develop the discipline not to allow yourself to focus on any thoughts that do not feel good. This is called working with your emotional grid.

When a thought feels bad, for example, you can often massage it into a better feeling by making it more general. When a thought feels good, you can lean into the positive energy by making it more specific. This approach of choosing and massaging your thoughts is one of the most powerful tools you can use for manifesting success through the law of vibration.

To learn more about how to implement these techniques and gain control over the world you experience, check out our law of attraction training course.

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