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Hakini Mudra: How And Why To Use It

Hakini Mudra is a sacred hand gesture performed during meditation to enhance the practitioner’s power over their own mind. 

Named after the Hindu Goddess Hakini, this is one of the most widely known Mudras for meditation and used in accordance with the third-eye chakra. 

In Sanskrit, Hakini translates to “power” or “rule,” and is well connected with our brain activities. 

With consistent and focused practice, Hakini Mudra has the power to enhance your meditations and create an increased sense of focus and awareness. 

For those who are new to Mudras, we’ve written this blog post as a short guide to better undering Hakini and how it can work for you. 

How To Use Hakini Mudra

To begin using Hakini Mudra, come to a comfortable meditation position. Bring the palms of your hands to face one another — leaving a few inches of space between for light. 

Bring your thumb and fingertips together, touching lightly. 

Then, raise your hands upward towards the center of the forehead, or, third-eye chakra. 

In order to enhance Hakini’s benefits, direct your gaze upwards as well. 

You may also wish to push your tongue against the roof of your mouth on each inhale, and relax with each exhale. 

When And Where To Use Hakini Mudra

Mudras can be used in yoga, meditation, dance and more

Hakini Mudra is said to hold the most power when practiced upon sunrise. 

Practice with this Mudra for up to 30 minutes daily, or 3 times a day in 10 minute sets, anywhere that is comfortable for you. 

It’s best to perform this meditation either before eating, or at least 1 hour after. It can be done seated, standing, or laying — whatever feels more comfortable for you. 

It’s important not to expect results right away. The more consistently you are able to use this practice, the more powerful it will become. 

Benefits of Hakini Mudra

Essentially, Mudras help to link the brain to the body. 

They are an integral part of many Hindu and Buddhist rituals, and have been known to help to soothe pain, and increase moods.

Hakini Mudra has a variety of benefits when added to a meditation practice, such as: 

  • Boosts memory and brain power 
  • Increased sense of calmness 
  • Deepens breathing and increases oxygen levels 
  • Improves concentration and focus 

Overall, different people find different benefits. There are also a slew of other Mudras that may work well with whatever you’re ultimately trying to achieve. 

Next time you’re looking to enhance your meditation practice, you may want to consider implementing Hakini Mudra. 

It is relatively simple and an extremely powerful way to increase the effects of your current practice. 

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