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Why You Need To Start A Mindfulness Journal and How To Do It

The very act of journaling itself can be done in a meditative and mindful state. It is an especially important practice that incorporates expressing oneself mindfully, staying present, and observing your analyzations.

Why Start A Mindfulness Journal?

The practice of mindfulness is allowing sensations, thoughts, and feelings to come and go freely while focusing on expanding your awareness of them. This means not labeling them as good or bad.

This also means allowing yourself to watch and process shame or anger without feeling the need to fix it. It is also a great practice for those with anxiety to incorporate into their daily life.

These mindfulness books are perfect for supporting those with anxiety.

Mindfulness journals are especially helpful with processing emotions due to many reasons. Some being that you can directly review your thoughts after you have written them down and that you take your time writing as opposed to speaking where you can think and speak much faster and even habitually.

Mindfulness journals help up organize our thoughts and you may be surprised how much you find them to uncover your truth. These tips below will help you get started.

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How To Start A Mindfulness Journal?

First things first, what are the necessary tools for mindful reflective journaling? We wanted to explain the benefit of using a pen and paper because this act can be much more intentional than typing or using voice prompts.

You get many added sensations here that can help you ground down into the present moment as well as the added requirement of slowing down to write. After you have the required tools to begin, find a quiet space where you feel you can let your guard down.

This practice is all about being totally honest and unmanicured as it helps you understand and heal your shadow self. Give yourself permission to write authentically and without judgment getting in the way.

If you are wondering how to incorporate having a mindfulness reflective journal into your day you can adjust the practice however you would like. Some ideas include beginning your day by setting intentions in your journal.

Incorporating writing after meditation sessions is a great way to dive deeper into forming a mindfulness reflective journal. Also reviewing your day with a journal session can help you discern what beliefs and thoughts stay with you for the next day.

Mindfulness Journal Prompts

Mindfulness journal prompts can be great initiators into the world of uncovering your truth and unearthing a sense of total acceptance that’s never been discovered by you before.

When following journal prompts allow yourself to process whatever they trigger within you and provide yourself with full disclosure. This can be where the roots of limiting belief systems can finally surface or where your real desires finally name themselves.

You can try these mindfulness journal prompts out whenever you are ready to dive deep and explore your mind:

  • How do I view myself? This can be today, recently, or even within the past. Write on whatever has the pull behind it for you to speak on
  • Today (or this week) it is my intention to embody…
  • My most heart touching memory is…
  • Today I am most grateful for…
  • I need to forgive myself for…
  • I feel undervalued when…
  • The top 3 feelings I want to feel in my life are…
  • I love myself when..
  • By the end of the day I will feel…
  • I feel the most myself when.
  • I am feeling like (insert color), describe why, personify the color and your emotions with it

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