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Journaling To Heal The Solar Plexus

Journaling is a powerful tool to self-analyze and self-reflect. Being quiet with your thoughts, confronting suppressed emotions, or being completely and totally honest with yourself can seem overwhelming. We may even find resistance and hesitancy to journaling because of this.

Although this is just where the benefit of journaling lies. It creates an opportunity to perform work with the subconscious also known as the shadow aspects within Jungian psychology. Learn what causes the chakras to be blocked here.

How To Intentionally Journal

Journaling can remain surface level if you do not take the initiative to dig into your emotional and mental layers. It will always provide healing for the throat chakra, our center for self-expression. Especially if you allow yourself to be completely honest and surrender to the process of unraveling your thoughts and emotions.

Trusting in the process and being authentic are key components to intentionally journaling. When you feel emotions come up allow them to flow through you objectively and do not attach a story to them.

A regular meditation practice can help one strengthen the muscles that you use to self reflect and analyze. To begin cultivating deeper mindfulness and to expand not only your self-awareness but ultimately your happiness try this guided meditation for accumulating awareness and tranquility.

You can create a sort of ritual or intention to set the space before beginning this can help focus the mind. Over time this can trigger the mind to instinctually remember the healing benefits of this space when exposed to certain ritual stimulants.

We recommend taking the time to center yourself before beginning journaling. This can be done with a short 5-minute pranayama practice such as practicing lion’s breath which is a powerful release and energizing practice. This can include burning sage before journaling, lighting candles, playing quiet sound healing music, or even saying a blessing aloud before beginning.

The Chakras and Journaling

Since you are reading this page and have made it this far it is no coincidence that you have healing you can uncover by looking into your Manipura in Sanskrit or solar plexus chakra. You can begin by following these journal prompts.

You can stick to the journal prompts and try one a day or you may skim through the journal prompts and choose one that you feel the most emotion behind when thinking about answering. This can manifest as a prompt you are resistant to or a prompt you feel leads you to unexpressed emotions.

Each of the chakras correlates to specific emotional bodies and aspects. Through journaling, we are able to clear out any trapped or unprocessed emotions within here. This will create a ripple effect in purifying the physical body as well.

To learn the symptoms of a blocked or imbalanced solar plexus chakra click here.

Journal Prompt For The Solar Plexus Chakra

This may seem counterproductive to write about highly charged emotional scenarios, but writing on paper actually allows you to physically release these emotions from your body.

Also, our bodies and hearts naturally heal themselves and by giving ourselves time to empty out our emotional body, we naturally begin to heal. When writing you are able to view your experiences from almost a third-party perspective.

The third chakra otherwise known as the solar plexus chakra is related to the fire element and has to do with our personal power and confidence. This includes our drive and motivation. It is a masculine energy center. We all hold both feminine and masculine energy inside us despite our genders.

Masculine energy is our inner warrior energy, he is the part of you that stands up for your truth and your needs, and he remains loyal and in integrity to your morals. Our inner masculine is giving and providing energy.

This chakra relates to feeling capable to reach goals, set boundaries, navigate confrontation, and make decisions. It includes maintaining level-headedness and a balance between emotions and logic.

  • Finish the sentence, ” I feel powerless when..”, “I felt powerless when…”, “The first time I felt shame was…” allow yourself to finish the sentence with as many instances come to mind. Keep writing on the topic until you feel you have written it all down. You can keep writing the journal prompt with as many experiences that come into your mind.
  • When was the last time I felt angry? Through the messenger of anger, what was grabbing my attention and telling me something had to change? Did I change it?
  • What am I committed to creating in my life?
  • This chakra is the seat of I AM and greatly feels empowered by I AM affirmations. Create your own list of qualities, experiences, or skills that you would like to affirm into this chakra.
  • When do I feel diminished? When do I feel incapable or unworthy? When does my voice get quiet? Allow yourself to write out all of the details that these questions summon within you. Write down all the details. Take 3 minutes to breathe and adjust your body (your physiology) to reflect a posture of confidence. Make a list of when you have felt strong and when you haven’t doubted your skillset. Then create a list of at least 10 things that inspire you about you. Allow yourself to build a fiery appreciation for yourself through each aspect on your list.
  • Where do I struggle to enforce boundaries? When do I say it is okay when it is not? Where do I struggle to allow others to help me?
  • Define 5 of your personal morals that you live in integrity with. This will create an identity to what you desire and empower you to value yourself more as well!

Other Sources Of Solar Plexus Chakra Healing

Journaling solar plexus chakra affirmations is another tool you can use to bring healing into the solar plexus chakra. You may also enjoy this guided meditation for the chakra healing.

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