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Mindfulness Journaling Prompts For Beginners

For those who are new to meditation and mindfulness practices, journaling is one of the most effective ways to get started. Putting your thoughts down on paper allows you the opportunity to step back and reflect. 

It also allows you to contemplate and organize your goals, and become more aware of your emotions.

Simply deciding to start a mindfulness journal is the biggest step. Once you’ve picked out the perfect pack of pages, prompts are an easy way to begin exploring what on your mind. 

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To begin, find a quiet and comfortable space without distractions. 

Journal Prompts For Beginners

What are the 3 things I do best?

The best part about your journal is that no one is going to read it. Take this opportunity to be as braggadocious as you please.

Write down the 3 (or more) things that you are confident you can do better than anyone else. 

What are my 3 biggest fears? 

How do they hold you back

Describe yourself. 

Describe yourself in 10 words. Underneath, list the 10 words you’d like to describe yourself with. 

What were the highlights of my day, week, and month?

These can be as small or significant as you want. Just try your best to identify 3 things that helped you through the day, the week, and the month. 

They could have all happened in one hour, or over the course of 30 days. What do you look forward to? 

Describe 3 things that are constant.

What has been constant in your life? Try to focus on good things, but the goal is to come up with things that you always know to expect. 

What did I eat for breakfast, and what did it taste like?

This one is all about focusing in on the present. Think about breakfast. Try to identify every flavor, texture, color, smell. Did you like it? 

What 5 things make me smile?

This could be as simple as cute animal videos. The important thing is that you come up with 5. 

Describe 2 things you do to relax

Write them down, followed by a time when you can do them. 

What 3 things take up most of your time?

Write them down, followed by their level of necessity from 1-10. 

List 5 things to say “no” to. 

Of course, we can’t say no to everything, especially when it comes to our jobs. But what would you say no to, if you could? 

Where is your happy place? 

Describe your happy place using 5 words. Try to hone in on what it looks like, feels like, and smells like. 

Log what you see.

The idea here is to simply observe. Look around the room and write down everything you see. That’s it. 

Who has made you feel loved and supported?

Take a moment to acknowledge and appreciate one person who has made you feel loved and supported. 

If you feel the urge to share this page with that person, please do so, but remember that the important part is only that you acknowledge your own gratitude. 

Describe the perfect day. 

Include the 5 Ws. Who is there? Where are you? What are you doing? When and why? 

I am my most authentic self when I… 

What makes you feel like yourself? This can be as vague as your morning coffee, or as specific as your nighttime skincare ritual. 

Identify what actions hit closest to you. How do you feel when you’re doing them? 

There are 15 solid prompts to start with. Remember, this is your journal, so make use of the ones that feel right to you, and feel free to alter them as needed. 

If you’re looking for more structure, there are a lot of great guided journals as well. The important thing is that you’re taking a moment out of your life to focus only on your thoughts. 

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