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How To Do Astral Projection: A Beginners Guide

What is the astral body? It can be understood as a layer of our being that makes up our human experience. This astral body is a vehicle through which one can experience and perceive.

It is part of our consciousness that can perceive when we are in an out of body experience. This astral body is the aspect of human consciousness that “travels” during astral projection as the body stays behind.

What Is Astral Projection?

Astral Projection is similar to an out of body experience. You may have heard stories of near-death experiences where people witness their own bodies in the form of a third-person perspective. This separation of perception within the self can also happen within dream states as well.

The concept of astral projection is that while the physical body stays still the astral body travels onto another experience. It is finding the awareness of where the separation between the physical body and the subtle astral body is.

Then, it is exploring the astral realm through the lens of the astral body. The astral realm is an intermediate plane between the physical and the non-physical plane.

Through astral projection and deepening the exploration of one’s internal mind, there is an opportunity for profound healing and experiences.

How To Astrally Project

One approach for astral travel is to keep the mental body awake while the physical body deeply relaxes. These techniques for staying awake while meditating may be able to apply to keep the astral body awake while letting the physical body rest.

Another approach is to use some form of an anchorage point such as a continuous sound while allowing the physical body to drift into deep relaxation.

You can attach your focus to this sound such as a steady drumbeat while the body deepens its relaxation. Prioritize your focus on mental sensations while allowing the physical ones to rest.

If you sleep into a sleep state while practicing this, you may begin to lucid dream. This is because if your awareness returns to the repetitive sound and notices it is not there you can then become instantly aware of the fact you are dreaming.

With the awareness that you are in a dream, you have the power to explore your dream state unrestricted.

Guided Meditation For Astral Projection

You may find it helpful to follow a guided meditation, like this one below, in order to experience astral projection.

How long does it take? Some people are able to astrally project right away while some take more time and a little bit more dedication to reach this state.

Are There Any Dangers In Astral Projection?

Any dangers perceived around astral projection are psychological ones such as returning to your body and feeling much more mentally exhausted. Your brain will have been active during your journey and you may find yourself feeling mentally tired afterward.

While in a sleep state some people have experienced sleep paralysis, this is where one perceives themselves as having just fallen asleep or woken up and are unable to move their body.

This can be scary for the dreamer as they may still be in a half-conscious state and continue to dream while feeling unable to move their body. It is believed that sleep paralysis comes when the dreamer is in the REM state and it is not life-threatening.

With astral projection offering the dreamer a deep dive into their internal mind, profound healing and self-understanding can be uncovered here in a safe way.

Further Exploration

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