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How To Interpret Aura Colors: A Beginners Guide

To learn all about how to begin seeing auras click here to view our previous article. The aura is an electromagnetic energy field that envelopes our body and radiates about 2 to 3 feet from it.

Aura Reading

In order to read the visuals of an aura, a lot goes into it. The brightness you see it in, the fullness of its reach, the color of the aura, and even the shade of the color.

The main thing to keep in mind when interpreting auras is to remain in a meditative state so that you can process this information unbiasedly. This is so that your intuition can come through more clearly.

A bright or vivid aura can be interpreted as someone who has a high energy level, feels awake, motivated, is focused, or has a clear energy field.

A dim or dull aura can be interpreted as someone who is feeling low energy levels, they may be stressed, unmotivated, have blocks in the auric field, low self-confidence, or may not be taking charge in their life.

Auric Colors

While first starting to see auras it is common to begin to see the energy as white and simply notice the brightness or dimness of the auric field. You can still begin to interpret the aura through this with your intuitive instincts.

The aura is made up of seven different layers that hold the physical, emotional, rational, astral, and divine components of each person within it. The aura commonly tends to have a dominant color, however, it is normally made up of many different colors.

Blue Aura

Now, remember it is important to note the shade of the color as well as listen to your intuitive instincts guiding you to the interpretation of this color.

People with blue auras tend to be highly communicative or expressive people. You can relate this to the correlation of blue to the throat chakra.

A blue aura tends to mean this person is level headed, can stay calm under pressure, is intuitive, has a balanced nervous system and can be sensitive.

Red Aura

A red auric field can be interpreted as materially oriented people, goal-driven, rationally minded, physically active, passionate, high stamina, and can be reactive.

This can indicate a strong and open root chakra. This can also mean they are self-sufficient, have a strong sex drive, or it can be showing the emotion anger.

Green Aura

A green auric field can indicate a strong and open heart chakra, compassionate nature, a strong sense of inner peace, and a natural healer. It can show a person’s strong connection to nature and the earth.

This can indicate someone who is down to earth, has pure intentions, is in a period of growth, or has their emotions running high.

Yellow Aura

A yellow auric field can indicate a strong motivation, feeling inspired or joyful, or they could be experiencing a spiritual awakening. Yellow can symbolize playfulness, optimism, generosity, or in touch with their personal freedom.

Orange Aura

An orange auric field can indicate a creative person, someone who easily expresses themselves, is in touch with their joy and is passionate. Orange can also symbolize someone who is a risk-taker, good health, vitality, someone who is bold or is in touch with their sensuality.

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