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Energy Clearing Techniques For Empaths

Highly sensitive people who can absorb the energy of there’s and their surroundings, empaths, need to know how to clear their energy as well as protect it. Continous and especially daily clearings of your energy field will help empaths be able to discern what is their’s and what is other’s energy they have absorbed.

Spiritual Energy Clearing Techniques

The human auric field contains our emotions, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. Since everything is interconnected when empaths absorb another’s energy this can affect their entire being as a whole. Some people can even see the human aura, click here to learn how to begin yourself.

Although the beauty of everything being interconnected is by clearing your spiritual body or energy field you will also clear your emotional and physical bodies as well. Whether you are an empath or not, these tools can help you release negative energy.

Care For The Physical Body

One of the easiest ways to clear negative energy out of the system is by getting into the physical body. This is a tangible way for empaths to release negative energy and come back to their center.

Techniques for clearing the entire auric field from the physical body include dry brushing and pranayama techniques. Let’s get into each of these step by step.

Dry Brushing

Dry brushing similar to when you brush the dirt out of your hair. It is a shower for your energetic body without water. As if you were scraping a layer of gunk off of you, drag your hands across your body starting at the top of your head.

This process involves using visualization to imagine yourself becoming cleaner with each stroke. Take your time combing through your body. If you have long hair you can even ring it out as if you were getting out of the shower.


Pranayama is a yogic technique used to move prana, or life force energy, throughout the body. These practices are used to release stagnant energy, blockages, as well as absorbed negative energy.

Lion’s breath is a great pranayama technique to use to release a build-up of energy. Although you can use calming pranayama techniques as well.

The goal of pranayama is to increase breath capacity, stabilize the rhythm, and to extend your breath which is directly related to the nourishing life force energy you let in.

Meditate To Clear The Energy Feild

Meditation is another way to clear the energy field this time through the mental body. By clearing the mind empaths will more clearly be able to see what energy they are allowing into their space.

One technique to bring into your meditation practice would be affirmations. Using positive affirmations works to raise your vibration which will shift you our of a negative mind space as well as make you no longer be in energetic resonance with negativity.

Continue Learning

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