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Understanding The Levels of Consciousness with David R Hawkins

Evolution is a fundamental part of human nature.

We strive to evolve in every area of our lives, but often the most challenging ways for us to grow are those that require us to look within, and develop a heightened level of spiritual consciousness.

While a lot of people think that “enlightenment” is a single state of mind that you either “have” or not, it’s actually much more helpful to think of enlightenment in terms of a process, or a scale of consciousness. Dr. David R Hawkins provides us with exactly that.

David Hawkins’ Scale of Consciousness

In his book, Power vs. Force, Hawkins explains that as we are born into our human body there is another layer that comes with being human, and that is the ego. Although we all have an ego, there are different levels of consciousness that it operates at.

In this post, I’ll explain more about what these levels of consciousness are, and how you can use them to grow personally and spiritually.

If you want to put these principles into action, and start leveling-up your own mind on the way to enlightenment, the best way to start is by learning how to detach, quiet the mind, and become more aware of your thoughts.

My favorite exercise for doing this is a technique I call stepping back.

It’s easy, powerful, and only takes a few seconds to master.

Click here to try it out for yourself.

What The Stairway To Enlightenment Is

Dr. David R Hawkins created a map on the scales of human consciousness which is the egos different levels of manifestation. He then goes on to provides a guide to transcending the ego’s limitation and where one may be stuck along the process of awakening to higher states of consciousness.

The scales were measured over a 30-year period and each was assigned a log number. This was calculated by behavioral kinesiology which simplified is measuring the energy produced by human thought in its response to a stimulus.

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The Frequency Scale and Levels of Consciousness

You can try to identify which level of consciousness you fall into within the scale below by the description of each. You may also pick up his book, Power vs Force if you would like to dive deeper into how to transcend into the higher levels of consciousness.

Enlightenment 700 – 1,000

Starting at the highest level of consciousness in the range of 700 to 1,000 this has only been attained by people such as Buddha, Jesus, and Krishna.

You can notice the powerful effects someone at this level has as simply thinking about them can raise your own consciousness and they have made enormous impacts on society’s consciousness.

Peace 600 – 700

This point of consciousness is still categorized as total transcendence and stillness of the mind is prevalent. This guided meditation you can follow in order to practice tapping into the stillness of the mind.

Joy 540 – 600

This level is reached by advanced spiritual people such as saints and includes releasing your personal story and identity in order to come into an unshakeable place of harmony.

Love 500- 540

This level is understood as pure selflessness and charity work. It is loving others with no expectation of return, without being entangled within the desires of the ego, and is using your logic only in service of the higher good.

Meditation is proven to help one tap into the Metta consciousness, which is loving-kindness and will bring you closer to the vibrational frequency of unconditional love.

Reason 400 – 500

This includes the drive to transcend what no longer serves you and to become fixated on educating yourself with more knowledge. Though this level can include becoming wrapped up in the study rather than the essence behind it.

Acceptance 350 – 400

This is where you integrate taking action as the creator of your life, you begin to let go of victimized beliefs and push yourself to reach your goals.

Willingness 310 – 350

This is the level of optimism and seeing the potential within challenges and this is were self-discipline begins to form and complaints begin to fall away.

Neutrality 250 – 310

This level lacks motivation and deep drive, but it does include satisfaction for your current standpoint.

Courage 200 – 250

This is a big shifting point in human consciousness where you see yourself beginning to respond rather than react to life. This is a level of empowerment.

Pride 175 – 200

This is a rise in positive emotion from the below points, but it is attached to external circumstances. You can understand this as people who have attained fame and strongly identify with wealth and position of power.

Anger 150 – 175

The cyclical nature of the unstable lower levels bound to external circumstances can bring one to the next level, anger. This can be where change happens or where someone gets stuck in.

Desire 125 – 150

Attachment to external goals at the level of addiction and deep hunger for power, money, sex, and status.

Fear 100 – 125

Feeling like the world is against you and high levels of paranoia exist at this level.

Greif 75 – 100

Living at this level of consciousness is not the same as processing this emotion. You constantly feel like you are at a loss and a failure.

Apathy 50 – 75

Hopelessness, numbness, and victimhood accompany this level and is categorized by a feeling of victimization.

Guilt 30 – 50

The difference here is a dislike of one’s actions rather than oneself. This includes inability to forgive oneself and feeling worthless. Find here the Buddhist prayer for forgiveness.

Shame Below 30

This is categorized as feeling like something is wrong with you at a core level. Humilation and suicidal ideation reside here.

Applying The Map of Consciousness in Everyday Life

At this point, you should have a good idea of what Hawkins’ different levels are. The next step is to understand how to apply them and use them to create a higher degree of peace and prosperity in your own life.

The #1 takeaway is to understand that your thoughts create the world you experience. Moving up the consciousness scale is a process of learning how to respond to events in the world with better thoughts.

The process for doing this is actually quite simple. First, you step back, and turn your attention inwards. Then, you become more aware of your thoughts. Lastly, you use your inner energy – your resonance – to choose better-feeling thoughts.

I explain how to do this process throughout the trainings here at The Joy Within.

To get started, I suggested you check out this simple breath technique to quiet the mind.

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  1. KenNY

    Thank you, I’ve recently been noticing that my high frequency of being is attracting people that exist in my life! In the past week, I have been randomly contacted by people from my past. So I looked into why this is happening and concluded, I am at a high frequency level at this time of my life. I am a 3 year Cancer survivor, do to 911 exposure! I am very aware now and trying to tweet my levels even higher through better living and the resources your are providing! Hopefully I will continue to heal myself and as others cross my path in life, continue to help heal them too! Thank you again!
    Kind regards,

  2. Lisa Thompson

    Wonderful site and post. Thank you for creating it! Just wanted to add that the level of Reason is 400-499 instead of to 500. Love begins at 500. 🙂 Thanks again for the wonderful site.

  3. Anonymous

    Hello, there are a lot more people on Earth between 700-1000 in levels of consciousness now compared to when this book was written. I could be wrong, but feel free to muscle test 🙂

  4. steve

    How were these numerical ranges for the consciousness scale acquired? They seem completely arbitrary.

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