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The Meaning of Spiritual Energy: What It Is and How You Can Use It

If you’re new to the world of spirituality, The Law of Attraction, and other similar teachings, then you’ve probably heard mention of spiritual energy.

If you’ve never been exposed to this idea before, it can be a bit confusing, because we’re used to thinking about energy from a rational, scientific perspective. You know that energy powers the lights in your house, there’s kinetic and potential energies, and energy behind everything in existence (thanks to Einstein’s E = mc squared)…so what, exactly is spiritual energy?

What Does “Energy” Mean in Spirituality?

Generally speaking, when you hear spiritual writers talk about energy, they are referring to one of two things.

The first meaning has to do with the universal field of energy that encompasses everything in existence. If you’re religious, you’re probably used to hearing about this in terms of God, but this field of energy is also accepted by Western science (and of course it is well established in Eastern traditions as well). It is the intangible, unknowable field of existence, All That Is, and is also commonly referred to as simply “the universe.”

The second meaning is more personal. Many spiritual texts talk about energy in terms of your own individual mindsets and states of being. In day to day scenarios, you might talk about a person being “high energy” or “low energy” to describe how active they are, or how passionate they might be about a project, but in spiritual circles the meaning is slightly different. Often, high and low energy refers to a person’s mood, or even to their level of spiritual enlightenment or evolution. Thus, you’ll hear people describe how you can raise your energy, by which they mean improve your mood in order to align with your desires and manifest the life you want.

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From this perspective, a ‘high energy’ person means a person who always acts from a state of alignment, or a heightened sense of awareness. These are people who have probably had a deep spiritual awakening, and are beginning to view the world from a new perspective. They begin to see interconnectedness and Oneness in all things, and have consistent feeling of joy, bliss, love, and light that permeate every action they take.

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  1. Robert

    Different cultures, belief systems, and philosophies have their own interpretations of spirituality. For some, it is linked to organized religion and faith in a higher power or deity. For others, it may be more secular, focusing on inner peace, mindfulness, and a sense of interconnectedness with the universe.

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