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Easy Abraham Hicks Processes To Get Into The Receiving Mode

If you’re familiar with the teachings of Abraham Hicks, you probably already know the importance of getting into the receiving mode.

Abraham teaches us that the most important focus you can hold at any time is to increase the ease, joy, and excitement you feel in that moment. While this sounds simple, actually feeling good most of the time can be extremely difficult! Fortunately, there are several key processes Abraham Hicks teaches that will help you to align with your desire quickly and easily.

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Distract Yourself from Negativity

The first technique is to distract yourself from whatever negativity you’re currently experiencing. While this sounds incredibly simple, the trick is to remember to do it in the moments when you feel frustrated, angry, or worried.

Generally speaking, we have a tendency to want to push through negativity, and often attempt to force the result we want. Many people ‘steer into’ their negative emotions, and try to overcome them by doubling down on the activity that caused the emotion in the first place!

Abraham teaches us to do the opposite. If you feel frustrated, fearful, or angry, the best action may actually be no action. Take the time to step back from the negative emotion, and refuse to take any more action that will perpetuate it.

Understanding this is the first and most fundamental step underlying any of the processes below: you must remember that joy creates prosperity, while negativity creates further problems.

To distract yourself, do anything that changes your focus. You might go for a walk, call a friend, read a book, sing a song, or stare at a flower. What works for you will depend on the activities you find pleasurable. For this reason, I encourage you to create a happy list you can use to have more fun activities on hand, whenever you need them.

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Use The Emotional Grid

Once you understand the role your emotions play and the importance of getting out of a negative mood, the next step is to work through Abraham Hicks’ grid.

“The grid” is what Abraham calls your emotional spectrum. The idea is that you can’t jump from depression to elation in 10 seconds, so the easier path is to work on gradually improving your mood.

To work with your your emotional grid, you first need to identify your individual range of emotions. List out your emotions from worst to best, and order them according to how the idea of each emotion feels to you. Include as many subtle variations in emotion as you feel is right for you.

For example, your list might include: fear, depression, hatred, anger, worry, frustration, uneasiness, overwhelm, hopeful, calm, confident, excited, joyful, loving.

Notice how each emotion in the list feels better than the last. You might have several variations of this list for different types of situations you encounter.

Once you know what your grid is, you can then begin to work through it. First, identify your emotion, then begin to move slowly through each step. If you are angry, focus on worry or frustration, rather than anger. If you are overwhelmed, focus on feeling more hopeful or calm.

As you learn to take these little steps, you will learn to gain control of your energy, and will be able to shift your vibration quickly and easily.

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Start a Rampage of Appreciation

Another great Abraham Hicks process you can use to get into the receiving mode is to start a rampage of appreciation.

A ‘rampage’ is a series of thoughts or ideas that begin slowly and gradually build momentum to ease you out of negativity and create enthusiasm, joy, and excitement.

The process is simple: all you have to do is choose a thought that feels slightly better than your previous thought. Feel into the emotion of that thought, and then choose another idea that feels even better.

If you repeat this process, it will only take a few moments for you to begin to feel positive energy build within you, and soon you will be inspired to the next thought, and then the next, creating powerful momentum to help you feel amazing, right now.

For an example of how to do a rampage, listen to this rampage of love.

Take Time To Meditate

One of the best ways to get into the vortex is to take time to meditate.

Meditation is a great tool for raising your energy, and can work both in the moment you feel negativity, and as part of an ongoing routine.

Meditation works because it resets your vibration back to a neutral place. When you quiet your mind you allow yourself to receive thoughts that are inspired from source energy, rather than thoughts that you are thinking with your conscious mind. This will raise your energy and help you to feel calmer and more loving, every day.

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Know That Everything Is Always Working Out For You

Lastly, possibly the most important process you can use is to develop a belief that everything is always working out for you.

Building this belief takes time, and if you’re currently in midst of an intense struggle, fear, or other negative circumstance, then it might not seem like everything is going well.

However, you can build this belief through affirmations and autosuggestion. As you continue to reinforce the idea that you are always well and that you always have everything you need, you will literally rewire your brain to feel better, all of the time.

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