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You Are a Badass At Making Money – Workbook Exercises and Affirmations

You Are A Badass At Making Money is a book by author Jen Sincero, and is a followup to her international best-seller, You Are A Badass.

In it, Sincero focuses on developing the motivation and mindset you need to achieve outrageous financial success in your life. Sincero teaches that financial abundance ultimately comes down to your mindset. When you take the time to eliminate your negative beliefs about money, you empower yourself to make the transformation necessary to achieve the success you want and deserve.

You Are A Badass At Making Money – PDF Book Summary & Review

Workbook and Worksheet Exercises

In the book, Jen Sincero talks about different attitudes about money, and how, for many people the default mindset they’ve held for much of their lives can actually be a hindrance to achieving the success they want and deserve.

There are a number of different exercises and techniques you can use. In this post I’m going to share just a few of these attitudes to develop.

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You Are A Badass At Making Money – Mindsets to Develop

  1. Fear Is Your Friend. Firstly, recognize that fear is a positive force. Fear points to your next level of growth, and provides the motivation we often need to get started realizing our dreams. There are countless stories of successful people who made it to the top because they started in fear.
  2. Focus On “Why” and Forget the “Why Nots.” If you have a lack-based mentality, you’re constantly looking at why you can’t do something. You can’t afford to take that vacation, or hire that new employee. Instead, train yourself to focus on the possibility. Ask how you could make it work, and why you want it in the first place.
  3. Be Grateful for What You Have…Even If You Have Debt. Gratitude is the key to wealth. Unfortunately, we often forget to take the time to feel grateful for everything we already have in our lives…especially when it comes to money and debt. Even if you’re in debt, find a way to feel grateful for it. Acknowledge the growth in the experience, and take time to appreciate what you do have.
  4. You CAN Have It All. Sincero calls this “taking a stand for the AND,” by which she means that most people default to a scarcity mindset, thinking if they do or have one thing, they have to sacrific another. Instead, focus on what it would take to do everything that you want. In this way, you draw your attention to developing the means and methods for achieving real success.

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Money Mantras and Affirmations by Jen Sincero

Lastly, I want to end this post by sharing a few of my favorite You are a Badass at Making Money affirmations and mantras.

These great mantras by Jen Sincero really boil down the essence of her books into a few short phrases. At the end of each chapter, she includes a money mantra that helps you to internalize and implement the theme of that section.

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When you repeat these ideas, every day, you use the power of autosuggestion to change your beliefs and shift your mindset to be able to hit your financial goals.

You might also be interested in these affirmations for financial abundance to supplement these Jen Sincero affirmations.

That said, here are the affirmations:

  • I love money and money loves me.
  • I love money because it is the root of so much awesome
  • I love money because money is always here for me
  • I love money because it comes when I call
  • I love money and I am grateful every day that it is surrounding me with its glorious goodness
  • I love money because I am a fearless, badass, money making machine.
  • I love money because it lets me be, the most I can be
  • I love money and I will not give up until I am surrounded by all the wealth I desire.

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