Rapid Natural Weight Loss Meditation and Affirmation Techniques

The law of attraction can be used to lose weight as ultimately it affects every single aspect of the universe around us. It is important to treat ourselves at the root of what is creating our reality. Thus meditation and affirmations will help produce rapid and natural weight loss.

Weight Loss and Emotions

Lousie Hay has taught in her book, You Can Heal Your Life, and many more as well how all of our physical disease, discomfort, and wellbeing is directly correlated to our emotional wellbeing, our thoughts, and our beliefs.

This means that excess weight whether this leads to health problems or a negative self-image has to originate from the emotional field. This is why in order to create lasting and rapid weight loss you need to be addressing the emotional body and subconscious as well as adjusting diet and physical activity.

Shifting Your Emotional Frequency and Your Physical Reality

In order to be deeply integrating the reality you desire you will need to be shifting the emotional body and the mental belief system. Excess weight is often correlated to excess thoughts, an emotional reason to hold onto a protective layer in order to feel safe, and also numbing oneself through overeating.

Louise Hay’s mirror work can is a great technique to begin addressing your beliefs and emotions surrounding your emotional body. In this practice, you will be using affirmations while in a meditative state and staring into your own eyes in the mirror.

This amplifies the potent effect of affirmations in multiple ways. First of all, any resistance you have to the affirmations will be highlighted by the intimate and confronting approach of speaking these to yourself in the mirror.

Second, when you see yourself affirm these affirmations and feel grounded in your physical body while saying these, they integrate it into your current reality rather than a distant future idea of yourself.

Are you wondering what affirmations you can use to say to yourself in the mirror? Try envisioning a version of yourself that you love then speak to yourself in the mirror as if you are that version. Speak with kindness, give yourself praise, and ultimately tell yourself “I love you”.

Here is a list of affirmations you can use while performing mirror work, speaking when in meditation, or writing these in your journal.

If you want to integrate these beliefs on a more in-depth level we recommend using them during mirror work, repeating them after having reached a meditative state, and writing them down on paper.

You can even place this paper under your pillow as you sleep at night with the intention to absorb its energy while you sleep.

To do so read the affirmations before you fall asleep and when you wake up in the morning to integrate it into your subconscious mind before the monkey mind becomes active.

Empty Your Mind and Your Energy Feild

As understanding the law of attraction the state of your mind and your beliefs affect the reality surrounding you. This means that when your mind is cluttered busy and overcrowded with excess thoughts your body may be as well.

When we take the time to meditate and empty the mind of unnecessary thoughts and obsolete opinions then we will initiate a shift in our external world as well including within our physical body.

Learn more about how meditation can help you lose weight here. You can practice both guided meditations to destress or visualizations focusing on the reality you desire and single-pointed focus meditation with a goal to empty your mind.

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