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Can The Law Of Attraction Relieve Depression

The world health organization estimates nearly 300 million people suffer from depression worldwide. This may not seem as high priority until we understand that it is also estimated that close to 800 000 people die due to suicide every year.

Our minds have an incredible impact on every part of our lives including our physical reality. If it is not consciously worked with, it is a weapon instead of a tool. Instead of dreaming our deepest desires into reality, we can turn it into a nightmare. Let’s dive into how to take back control.

What Is The Law of Attraction

The more you consciously direct your attention and emotions the more you will come to see the potency that resides within them. The law of attraction is the way in which we create our own reality. Click here to learn more in-depth on the law of attraction.

Quantum physicists explain how everything in the world is made up of energy. The particles vibrate at different frequencies which create what we perceive as our physical world.

Our belief system, our emotions, and our words are all energy as well. We attract what we are in a sense. No matter how many times we say I am abundant, if we focus on lacking money, believing making money is hard and possibly feeling disappointed at our funds then do not match that reality.

In its essence, what we focus on we send out into the universe and attract. Our thoughts and words create ripples of energy and attract the underlying essence behind them.

How The Law of Attraction Interacts With Depression

The key point to understanding how depression and the law of attraction interact is understanding what Abraham Hicks says, “emotions are energy in motion”. Emotions are the most powerful manifestor.

This is exactly why it is directly important to understand how to consciously work with the universal law of vibration. When we are depressed we see more reasons to be depressed because we actually attract situations that affirm our subconscious beliefs.

This cyclical process builds momentum and can be hard to break. Although again, this is the key, you may be the creator of your depression but you can also be the creator of your happiness.

How To Over Come Depression With The Law of Attraction

There are so many tools to support you shifting the narrative of depression and build the momentum of love within your life. Here is a list of tools that you can use and consciously use your magnetism for your dreams instead of nightmares.

Get Knowledgable

In order to shift your narrative, you have to understand the way the law of attraction works. In this case, knowledge is pure power because your abilities to manifest are innate.

You can expand your knowledge through law of attraction podcasts, these 3 videos where Bob Proctor explains the secrets to the law of attraction, or read our article here on how the law of attraction works.


Repetitive affirmations affirm an idea or concept into your subconscious and conscious mind. When we have a thought we will also attach an associated image, feeling, and response to this thought.

It has actually been proven that our brain actually cannot tell the difference between visualizations real-life events. This will then cause us to harmonize with these affirmations on an energetic level and begin to attract them.

You begin practicing affirmations such as these 20 affirmations to attract love and romance or you can work to heal the chakra system with affirmations starting with the root chakra.

Focus On Your Feelings

Find practices that make you feel joyful! Spend a little extra time to stop and smell the flowers. This will build the momentum of joy as you send out these feelings by simply feeling them.

Then they will build and come back to you and amplify the joy you are committed to focusing on. One way to being cultivating joy while also beginning to understand the law of attraction is by playing these law of attraction games.

Empower Yourself Through Knowledge

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