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3 Simple Ways To Manifest Love

We all long for love, it’s human nature. 

And while it’s true that it often finds us when we aren’t looking, there are certainly ways to encourage the energy of love to makes its way into your life. 

Thus, we’ve laid out 3 simple approaches to doing just ways to do just that.

Because we cannot manifest love without feelings of positivity, however, your own mindset must be the first priority. So before you get started with any of these approaches, you may want to make sure that your energy is aligned with these 5 steps from Abraham Hicks.

How To Attract Love & Romance


Similar to compliments, affirmations are positive words or phrases use to shift a person’s mindset. Only with affirmations, you are saying them to yourself, rather than to someone else. 

Affirmations work best when they are used consistently, in a comfortable space with no distractions. 

Here is a list of 5 affirmations to attract love and romance. Say them out loud to yourself, in your head, or write them on a piece of paper. 

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  1. I like the idea of being in love. 
  2. Relationships strengthen me because I can learn more about myself through others.
  3. Every day, I do my best to give and receive love from each person I meet. 
  4. Love is always available to me. 
  5. I appreciate connecting with others and learning their true nature. 

Law of Attraction 

Manifesting works with the help of the law of attraction

The law of attraction says that you get what you give. Or, in other words, the energy that you put out into the world, is the energy that the world will give back to you. 

There are a variety of different law of attraction techniques that you can use to help you manifest love. For this post, we’ll be focusing on journaling. 

Journaling works by bringing your words and feeligns inot their physical form. In doing so, you are creating a space for your manifestations to build and become more powerful. 

Because we’ve already laid out a few different affirmations, you already have a great place to start. Say them out loud to yourself, in your head, or write them on a piece of paper. Here are a few to get you started. 

  1. The best part about being in love is… 
  2. How do I show the people I care about that I love them? 
  3. Why would someone be lucky to be in a relationship with me? 
  4. Write a story about a recent, kind, loving interaction you had. 
  5. What advice does my future self, who is happily in love, have for me? 


Rose quartz is one of the most commonly used crystals to attract love and relationships. 

With a naturally fitting rose pink color,  those who manifest with or carry around rose quartz have credited it within helping them to meet love in every part of their lives. 

It has also been known to help people love themselves, or heal heartbreak. 

The best way to use rose quartz is by cleansing the crystal and programming your intentions into it. 

Cleansing can be done by submerging the crystal in a bowl of sea salt and water, then placing it in bright sunlight. The sun will energize the water itself as the stone becomes cleansed. 

Next, to set your intentions, hold the stone in your left (receiving) hand and cover it with your right. 

Imagine that the space you are in is being filled with the light and love of the universe. Ask that the rose quartz be filled with universal love and universal light. 

After you’ve identified what you want, state your intentions out loud. This can be anything from “I deserve love and happiness,” to one of the affirmations listed earlier in this blog. You may want to your intention at least 3 times them to ensure it is set into the stone. 

Once you have set your intentions, keeping a piece of rose quartz under your bed will attract such to you. 

You may also want to wear your rose quartz as a necklace pendant or place it in your bath to ensure that your heart chakra is met by its beautiful loving energy. 

When it comes to manifesting love, it’s important to remember that we cannot love one another until we learn to love ourselves

Thus, before you can really take on any of these approaches, it’s best to check in on your own confidence and self-love. 

You can find many mindfulness exercises to help you do so here. 

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