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The Law of Intention and Desire – Deepak Chopra

There is an ancient Vedic principle that you are what you deepest desire is.

This is because from your desire flows your intention. From your intention flows your will. From your will flows your deed, and from your deed flows your destiny.

The first step to fulfilling your desires is to know exactly what you want. Only when you clarify your aims do you have the opportunity to tell the universe what it is you wish to experience in this life.

As you focus on what you want, make sure that you do not also focus on fear or worry about what you do not want. So often, our desires are burdened by the counterpart. We want X, but fear what will happen if we do not have it. Or, we want it, but worry about what we believe must happen in order to get it.

For example, if you want to succeed at work, you may worry about not having enough time for your family. If you are sick, you may want health, while simultaneously fearing or worrying about your disease.

The problem is, when we bring that negative focus into our lives, we also manifest the undesirable item, in addition to what we truly want. So, you must find a way to focus on what you want, without focusing on what you don’t want.

Write down your desires. Whether it is a material aim, a personal or spiritual aim, a goal in terms of relationships or learning. Whatever your goals are, write them down. When you write them, you clarify them, and bring them closer to you.

Once you write them down, the next step is to release them. Find the point at which you can have a goal, but then release the need for that goal to occur. Let go of any demands you place upon it, and allow the desire to be.

This is because we often hold resistance to our goals, and once we clarify them, a lot of additional focus we place on them tends to be negative, as we start to worry.

So, clarify your aims, take time to visualize them, and then move into a so-hum mantra, or other simple meditation technique, to help clear your mind, and help you to release your desires into the infinite potential of the universe.

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Deepak Chopra Explains The Law of Intention and Desire

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