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Secrets of a Successful Mental Diet – from Neville Goddard and Emmet Fox

If you’ve been struggling to manifest the world of your dreams, then chances are you have yet to develop consistent control over your everyday thought patterns.

Everyone has thoughts come into their mind seemingly out of nowhere, and at times these thoughts can be negative and destructive, taking you away from the achievement of your goals. When these negative thoughts get out of control, consider going on a mental diet.

A mental diet is a habit of refusing to entertain any negative thoughts. As soon as you notice inner thoughts telling a negative story, you immediately replace them. Like a regular diet, mental diets require discipline and attention, and they’re best done in short stints, which can help to kickstart you into a new way of thinking.

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In this post, I’ll share two of the best resources on Mental Diets: one from Neville Goddard and the other from Emmet Fox. If you read and listen to these two lectures, and apply the ideas they outline, then you’ll be well on your way to success with gaining control of your thoughts!

Mental Diets by Neville Goddard: Transcript and PDF

In this PDF transcript of Goddard’s lecture, he talks about the importance of gaining control of your thoughts by putting yourself on a strict mental diet.

The aim is to refuse to indulge in any thoughts that run contrary to your aim. For most people, the primary obstacle they have in using the Law of Vibration for manifestation is that they are unable to maintain their focus on their desired state long enough for it to materialize in their world.

If you follow the steps outlined in this teaching, you’ll begin to practice the art of manifestation by gaining clarity and concentration, which will help you to enter more fully into the state of the desire you wish to express.

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The 7 Day Mental Diet: How To Change Your Life in a Week, by Emmet Fox

In this audio recording, you can hear a narration of Emmet Fox’s guide to effectively using mental diets. Emmet Fox was an early 20th century motivational speaker and writer, and one of the early teachers of the Law of Attraction.

He wrote extensively on how to apply spiritual principles to modern life, and his teachings and exercises are as helpful today as they were when they were first published 100 years ago!

I hope you enjoy this video.

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