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Seedtime and Harvest by Neville Goddard: Free PDF Download

Neville Goddard is a powerful and famous Law of Attraction author publishing his work in the mid-1900s. With a focus on using the bible and understanding the nature of our imagination, his books are sure to open your mind and your life!

The Teachings of Seedtime and Harvest

This book written by Neville Goddard teaches the fine details to mentally writing out the drama of your desires. It includes many real-life examples of people’s experiences using Neville’s explained techniques.

These examples are even from people using imagination techniques without fully being aware that is what they are doing. Neville breaks down the process of how using your imagination works so that you can perfect how you approach using it.

He also, of course, breaks down what imagination really is and how man will ignore the validity of his imagination by seeking external sources that argue it. This book is great for anyone looking to manifest their desires.

Seedtime and Harvest Best Excerpts and Quotes

This book is available as part of the public domain and we hope you enjoy it. Below are potent excerpts that capture just a portion of what this book is able to cover.

Chapter One: The End Of A Golden String

All I hope to have done is to have indicated the way in which you are most likely to succeed in realizing your desires.

“What things soever ye desire” can be obtained only through the conscious, voluntary exercise of imagination in direct obedience to the laws of Mind.

Chapter Four: The Scale Of Being

Intuition is needed to lift us up to the level of meaning – to the level of why things happen. Let us follow the advice of the Hebrew prophet of old and “lift up our eyes unto the hills” within ourselves, and observe what is taking place there. See what ideas we have accepted as true, what states we have consented to, what dreams, what desires – and, above all, what intentions. It is from these hills that all things come to reveal our stature – our height – on the vertical scale of meaning. If we lift our eyes to “the Thee in Me who works behind the Veil”, we will see the meaning of the phenomena of life.

Chapter Seven: Be Ye Wise As Serpents

The spiritual body, on its return from the imagined state to its former physical state, created an invisible bridge of incident to link the two states. Although the curious feeling that you were actually there and that the state was real is gone, as soon as you open your eyes upon the old familiar environment, nevertheless, you are haunted with the sense of a double identity – with the knowledge that “there is a natural body, and there is a spiritual body.” When you, the natural man, have had this experience you will go automatically across the bridge of events which leads to the physical realization of your invisibly prepared place.

All things are made by imagination’s power. Nothing begins except in the imagination of man. “From within out” is the law of the universe. “As within, so without.” Man turns outward in his search for truth, but the essential thing is to look within.

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