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How To Align With Your Inner Being

Everyone has an Inner Being.

But, if you’re new to working with spiritual energy and The Law of Attraction, you might not know how to get in touch with this energy, and leverage it to start living a more inspired life. You might not even really understand, what, exactly, this inner being is, or why it’s a key ingredient to reaching your true potential.

So, in this post I’ll explain what this term means, and outline how to connect with your inner being using several different methods.

Let’s dive in.

What Is Your Inner Being? The Meaning Explained

The idea of an Inner Being, also commonly called a Higher Self, refers to your ability to connect to an intuitive source of information that exists beyond the realm of the logical mind.

This ‘higher self’ is often thought of as a more enlightened, or more evolved version of yourself, that (depending how you like to visualize it), reaches down, or back in time, in order to help you move up the spiritual latter and start living at a higher plane of existence.

When we talk about this concept as an inner being or a higher self, it tends to allude to more contemporary, New Age spiritual thought, but the idea is not new. Eastern traditions have the concept of a soul, and the equivalent of an inner being exists in The Bible in the form of The Holy Spirit.

It is the energy that constantly calls you forward to become more aligned, and more enlightened. Your higher self is an expression of universal, unconditional love, and encourages you to respond to the world with that same level of compassion, peace, and understanding.

Connecting With Your Inner Being

There are many different techniques you can use in order to connect with your inner being, from activating your light body and opening your third-eye, to getting started with automatic writing or channeling, to using meditative visualizations to connect to your spirit guides, there’s no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to connect.

Let’s look at a few of these in more detail.

Opening The Third Eye

Your third eye, or 6th chakra, is located at the center of your forehead, and is widely considered to be a channel to otherworldly, or intuitive information.

In order to receive direct guidance from your inner being, then, you can practice opening your third eye through meditation, and by stepping back to find higher levels of awareness throughout the day.

As you open this center of knowledge, you can learn to ask questions to it, and receive answers in both our waking and dream states of consciousness.

Learn more about opening your third eye chakra.

Contact Your Spirit Guides in Meditation

Another good way to contact your inner being is to connect with it through deep meditative states.

When you enter into a hypnotic, trance-like state, you can train your mind to receive inspiration from your higher self.

Try this meditation and hypnosis to contact your spirit guides.

Automatic Writing

If you’re uncomfortable with meditation imagery, or having difficulty connecting during your meditations, one of the easiest ways to start channeling your spirit guides is to use a process known as automatic writing.

To do this, you find a quiet space, with a pen and journal. Meditate for a moment, and then write your question on a blank page. Breathe, and immediately begin writing a response. This engages your intuitive inspiration, and you might be surprised by the insights you have during the process!

Check out this beginner’s guide to automatic writing to learn more.

The Common Thread

What all of these options have in common is a need for you to become open, and receptive to energy and information that is, inherently, non-physical.

None of this can happen without a shift in your consciousness, to accept that there is a benevolent intelligence that exists beyond this world, and to understand that you must raise your own awareness and energy in order to connect with that intelligence.

Learn more about how to trust inner guidance in this post.

Video: Getting in Touch with Your Higher Self

In this video, Abraham Hicks explains how to get in touch with your inner being, in order to allow your own spiritual energy and resonance to help guide you into the effortless manifestation of everything that you want.

Quotes from Abraham Hicks

Here are a few of my favorite inner being quotes from Abraham Hicks. You can learn more about Abraham’s 5 Steps to Alignment in this post, or try these processes from Ask And It Is Given.

Your relationship with your inner being is what matters most.

Abraham Hicks

All physical beings have communication from their inner being in the form of emotion. And so, whenever your emotion is positive, you can know that you are in harmony with your inner intention.

Abraham Hicks

Your inner being isn’t saying to you: you need to clean up all this resistance. Your inner being is saying to you: you just need to follow us and we’ll guide you around all of this resistance. We’ll guide you around it, we’ll guide you to what you want.

Abraham Hicks

Talk to your inner being about what you want and why you want it, and let your inner being offer to you in your dream state that you can flow energy toward which will cause your vibrational state to be as you want it to be. And then The Law of Attraction will bring it to you.

Abraham Hicks

Your inner being feels no limit. So, anything that feels like limits is something that you have self-imposed.

Abraham Hicks

Read more quotes by Abraham Hicks in this post.

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