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Meditation For Infertility Does It Actually Work?

When we were younger we may have thought it was easy to get pregnant. As we get older and are ready to actually conceive we may find out that might now be as easy as we originally thought. There are many women facing infertility problems, but meditation might be a natural remedy to your problems.

Stress and Infertility

Having a baby is a life-changing gift. Women who are looking to conceive are aware of this which is why it is common for women to become very stressed while focusing on creating new life. Learn how meditation helps decrease stress here.

High stress can raise the levels of the hormone cortisol in your body. Increased levels of cortisol have been linked to lowering the libido or sex drive. This study linked stress to “inducing altered patterns of cortisol excretion along the menstrual cycle which ultimately affect the hormonal profile in critical stages of the fertilization process.”

Stress does not only affect women’s bodies in correlation to fertility, men’s as well. This study measured the psychological effects of stress when cortisol is increased and naturally lowers testosterone levels.

Meditation Techniques For Fertility

This may be the first time you are trying out meditation. You, of course, have a big goal in mind that can make getting started overwhelming. If this is the case, check out our 30-day meditation guided course for beginners.


Beginning with calming pranayama meditation practices is a great way to bring your body into its parasympathetic system where it can rest and digest. This lowers cortisol levels and allows to body to come back into its balanced state and restore itself.

Pranayama is a yogic meditation technique that focuses on using the breath to unblock your energy field, clear mental scatteredness, and to fill yourself with fresh prana. Prana is the sustaining life force energy that is within all life itself.

Pranayama translates to extending your breath. This is powerful in many ways especially because the capacity and rhythm of the breath are directly related to how prana flows through you.


As a beginner, you may also enjoy our guided mindfulness meditation to focus on the breath. Mindfulness meditation is incredibly powerful for strengthening your mental ability to stay rooted in your inner peace throughout daily life as well.

The technique is about remaining objective while also allowing your focus or awareness to encompass your surroundings and sensations. Its goal is to work on not labeling sensations, emotions, or objects and simply allowing them to be there.

More About Meditation

We all know the mind our bodies are deeply intertwined and affect each other. No matter if you are trying ovulation tracking, IVF, or even hormone balancing working with the mental body should be an essential part of increasing your fertility.

Using meditation should be included throughout any fertility treatments you use. There are no negative side effects to meditation and the health benefits are so extensive we have a separate list for them here!

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