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Mudras For Concentration To Incorporate In Meditation

Our physiology affects our mental state of being which means the ancient technique of using mudras can actually increase our concentration and even help us stimulate the functionality of our memory.

This is why the physical practice of yoga is incredibly beneficial to our mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. Follow up on yoga for the chakras here starting with the root chakra.

What Are Mudras?

Mudras are a specific position or gesture of the body most commonly only involving the hands or fingers. They are used throughout meditation, dance, and extensively in yoga.

You can see a mudra involving the body is Jalandhara Bandha which involves tucking your chin and activating your neck muscles. You can understand that mudras are used ritualistically and symbolically because of the way they can channel the body’s energy flow. Learn more about mudras here.

Mudras For Concentration

To deepen the effects during meditation you can work with these mudras regularly to learn how the effect feels within your own energy field. If you want to follow along with more hand mudras check out our article here for hand mudras with pictures.

Jnana Mudra

This may be the most classic mudra for meditation concentration and increasing wisdom. From Sanskrit Jnana translated as knowledge.

You can perform this mudra by bringing the tips of your index finger and thumb to touch. Leave the remaining fingers straight and you can rest the back of the hands on the knees while meditating.

Hakini Mudra

This mudra you will often see people performing without even realizing when they are needing to concentrate and access their memory. It activates the third eye chakra and can be used during sitting meditation.

To perform this mudra align the fingertips of the left hand to the right hand and bring each finger (including thumbs) to touch its counterpart. Spread the fingers and the palms apart leaving only the fingertips touching.

Dhyana Mudra

In Sanskrit Dhyana means meditation, making this mudra one of the perfect mudras for meditative focus. Ancient yogis have used this mudra before it was brought into the Buddhist tradition although the Buddha is often depicted performing this mantra.

This mudra works for deep self-reflection and concentration. To find it, place the left hand in your lap with the palm up, then rest the back of the right hand in it and touch your thumbs together.

Prithvi Mudra

Use this mudra for grounding and freeing yourself of distracting mental chatter. It is energizing and also advised not to be performed while lying down. To find this mudra touch your thumb to your ring finger and leave the remaining fingers straight.

Gyan Mudra

It is one of the most popular mudras used in meditation to deepen concentration and expand your knowledge. It is commonly used throughout kundalini yoga with the back of hands resting on the knees and the elbows straight.

Bring index finger and thumb to touch while leaving the remaining three fingers straight. When you are distracted the index and thumb begin to separate which will help anchor you onto cultivating wisdom on a certain topic or simply maintain present focus awareness.

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