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Are You an Old Soul? Key Signs To Look Out For

If you’ve spent any time reading about modern spirituality and enlightenment, you may have come across references to old souls.

If you’ve never heard of this term before, it can be a little confusing to understand what it means and know whether or not it applies to you. In this post we’ll take a look at what an old soul is, key characteristics of old souls, and a few signs that might tell you if it applies to you.

What Is An Old Soul? Definition and Meaning

Before we can dive into whether or not you are an old soul, we first have to be crystal clear about what it is.

Basically, an old soul is a person who is spiritually mature. In The Seat of The Soul, Gary Zukav describes the progression of the soul beautifully, noting that old souls recognize that they are more than the individual personality they have in this physical lifetime, and recognize instead that they are part of a broader spiritual path, which has occurred over many, many lifetimes.

You can also think of old souls as individuals who have incarnated in this lifetime primarily for a spiritual purpose. This may be to teach others, or simply to provide an energetic anchor.

In many cases, individuals intuitively know they are old souls, often coming to know their purpose well into adulthood. However, there are also many old souls are unaware of their spiritual evolution, and simply move through this lifetime fulfilling their role on an unconscious level.

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Characteristics of an Old Soul

If you’re unsure about whether or not you’re an old soul, there are a few key characteristics you can watch out for. Not all old souls will share all of the following traits, but if you at least two or three of the following apply to you, then there’s a good chance you’re on the upper end of spiritual evolution.

You’re Committed To Spiritual Growth

The first characteristic is that old souls are committed to spiritual growth. This growth can take many forms, and doesn’t have to fall under the heading of an organized religion or spiritual group.

At it’s heart, committing to spiritual growth means developing an awareness of who you are, and striving to live in alignment with that vision, every single day. Whether this means learning how to be present and live in the now, starting a meditation routine, or simply reading books on spirituality, you’ve decided that spiritual growth is an important theme for you in this lifetime.

You’re Lighthearted and Joyful

As we mature spiritually, we also tend to develop a higher order perspective in relation to the world. This means that we don’t take things as seriously, and tend not to fret over small events in life.

If you find that you are consistently lighthearted and joyful, you are definitely ahead of the curve, even if you don’t think of your joy in spiritual terms. Joy can simply be the tendency to have a positive outlook, not matter the situation you’re faced with. For many, however, it also means a focus on joy that is based on finding inner peace, rather than looking to the external world.

You’re Intuitive and Introspective

Another characteristic of old souls is that they are naturally intuitive and introspective. While you don’t have to be a secluded introvert, you probably do like taking time for yourself to reflect on your own thoughts and personality.

Increasingly, there are many old souls who discover that when they focus their attention inwards, they can open into an awareness that is beyond this world. This may come through reading the akashic records, following intuition and inner guidance or simply developing a knowingness that they cannot quite explain.

You’re Empathic

Old souls are often empathic. One important trait of spiritual development is the ability to think beyond your individual ego and personality. As you do, it’s common to become more attuned to the needs and wants of others.

Empaths have an ability to sense the energy of others telepathically, even if they don’t know what, exactly they’re doing. If you find you can always suss out people’s moods and are eager to lend a compassionate ear, then you have an empathic ability that could be developed.

You Understand Alignment

As I mentioned earlier, old souls are highly aware individuals. This means that they are able to step back from the day to day thoughts that pass through their mind, and sit in the seat of observation.

This observation causes them to reflect more on their own energy than the physical world around them, and, as such, aligning with that energy becomes a high priority. If you are aware of how you feel, most of the time, and take time out to focus on raising your energy, then chances are you’re an old soul.

The #1 Sign You’re An Old Soul

More than any of the above characteristics, however, is one very clear sign that you’re an old soul.

Chances are, if you know what an old soul is, then you are an old soul.

The very fact that you are even asking the question about whether or not you might be an old soul is likely an indicator that you are one. Were you not already spiritually mature, you wouldn’t have come across this idea at all, and you wouldn’t find yourself drawn to learn more about it.

That fact, by itself, is your number 1 indicator.

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