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Protection For Empaths: Tips For Highly Sensitive People

If you are an empath and a highly sensitive being chances are you have found yourself overwhelmed more often than normal people would. Negative energy affects you more because of this as well. This means empaths need to know how to protect themselves and filter out negative energy.

Why Empaths Need Protection

Empaths beings that exude empathy. Often to the point of absorbing another state of being. This includes joy and happiness as well as suffering. Click here to learn exactly what an empath is and if you are one.

Empaths, being highly sensitive can often feel overwhelmed around crowds and are even more distraught than others in times of conflict. In order for empaths to learn to use their sensitivity as a gift instead of a curse, they need to learn to filter negative energy.

Protection techniques work for an empath to build boundaries and filter the external world. This allows them to remain stable within themselves. It can also help them discern what is there and what they are absorbing from another.

Empath Protection Tools

It is important to maintain the integrity of our inner sanctuary where our innate inner peace resides. In order to do this, we need to protect ourselves from harmful energy.

Empaths especially need this support due to the fact their senses are heightened. These tools can help an empath block negative energy.

1. Create Space

Take a step back. Really, physically take a step back. Taking physical space from someone emanating stress will help you be able to discern if it’s yours or not.

When you feel negative emotions arise or catch yourself slipping into a funk, it is incredibly beneficial to ask yourself “is this mine?”. Simply taking the time to ask yourself this question can help you stop identifying with another’s emotions.

This will be the first and most immediate step to separating from it. If you find you feel drained around someone it is important for you to create space so that you can recharge yourself. Click here to learn more about how to deal with negative people.

This begins to set boundaries between you and others. This is incredibly important for empaths. Boundaries are filters that can block harmful energy from getting to you.

2. Connect To Yourself

One of the most beneficial ways to protect yourself as an empath is to strengthen your relationship with yourself. Knowing where you are at internally will strengthen your ability to discern what is other people’s junk and what is yours.

This also means being able to know your boundaries more clearly. Knowing what your needs are and where your boundaries are beginning to build a filter to what energy you allow inside of your field.

Meditation is a great practice to begin grounding yourself and find your center so that you can more clearly use discernment. When you cultivate a daily meditation practice you learn how to let go of what is no longer serving you.

This then supports you in knowing how to let go of any negative energy you have absorbed. It can be hard for an empath to feel comfortable leaving someone else with their own stress.

Although an empath absorbing it can steal ways the growth the person would find from feeling it. If you are new to meditation you can try our 30-day course to learn how to be meditating easily and effectively.

3. Visualization

Through visualization, you can place energetically boundaries between you and negative energy. One way to do this is by imagining a bubble of white light around you. You can either see this bubble as completely impenetrable or you can see it as semipermeable and allowing in positivity.

The more detailed you can picture the bubble the more strongly it will work. This practice can be done regularly as well in order to create a lasting filtration system of energy around you. Learn how to get visualization to work for you here.

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