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Expand Your Consciousness With These 9 Documentaries

If you feel your body needs to rest, that doesn’t mean your mind has to! We have compiled a list of 9 documentaries that will each open your mind and maybe widen the lens you view life through! If you’re in the mood to read a book instead, you can check out these books here that will change your life.

Chasing Coral (2017)

With politicians and many people outright denying climate change, this documentary focuses on life under the water that is changing. Coral is dying at alarming rates and this causes massive impacts on the ocean’s eco-system.

The earth offers us so much, including healing properties just by placing our bare feet on the earth. Learn about grounding and how it works here!

Samsara (2011)

Many people have fallen in love with life, had their eyes opened, and even have had their lives completely changed by traveling. This documentary follows filmmaker Ron Fricke traveling through European cathedrals, the Himalayas, the American Southwest, and more.

Inner Worlds Outer Worlds (2012)

Created by Daniel Schmidt, director and meditation teacher, who decided this movie should be released online for free. It looks at a vast array of spiritual enlightenment topics from mantras, water vibration, the Akasha, and even dark energy. It was even listed on in 2013. It’s almost like you are astral projecting there right with him!

The Superior Human (2012)

You know the times when you realize you aren’t as big as you thought you were? Well, humans have long since carried the belief to be smarter, stronger, and all-around better than other forms of life, but can this be true? This documentary changes the way we look at ourselves in correlation to other forms of life and can be quite humbling. Watch this documentary here!

Human (2015)

This movie follows stories throughout our whole world painting a picture of different cultures, beliefs, experiences, and get’s us to really understand what it means to be human. Filmed in 60 countries and interviewing more than a shocking 2.000 people, you will really open your mind to new ideas on what it means to be human.

InnSaei (2016)

This documentary is on Netflix and takes a big look at how human connection is formed in terms of using innsaei, which from the Icelandic language means intuition. It takes a look at how we form connection in this present day and age with distraction and our current way of thinking.

DMT: The Spirit Molecule (2010)

This documentary is all about exploring the healing potential within DMT, the psychoactive compound that many have had profound and life-changing and mind-opening experiences with. Covering both the scientific and spiritual perspectives based on the book of Dr.Rick Strassman.

Love, Reality and the Time of Transition (2011)

A thought-provoking movie covering a wide variety of topics, Love Reality and the Time of Transition covers how we understand love, what the “New Age” movement is, all the way to quantum physics. This movie explains the importance of the rise in consciousness that guides people to begin a journey of awakening.

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Journey To The Edge Of Consciousness

A partly animated movie that depicts the psychedelics trips of Aldous Huxley, Timothy Leary, and Alan Watts who in turn opened the minds of the western world. Through this film you wil

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If you have finished watching these mind-opening documentaries, get ready to check our top 5 favorite books to awaken your mind!

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