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3 Frequently Asked Law of Attraction Questions, Answered!

Questioning things is our brain’s job and typically the wild goose chase it brings us on can be draining, but it can also lead us to discover the best hidden gems. Here we will be answering some of the most commonly asked law of attraction questions that stump many of us.

Where Does The Law of Attraction Come In To Play With Negative Experiences

One aspect of the law of attraction is that if you create your reality and attract your experiences the mind can become caught up in feeling ownership of negative experiences and even traumatic ones. This is a tricky question to answer because to a certain extent it is about taking responsibility for your belief system.

Yes, even traumatic experiences we attract, but there may be another half of it that you don’t think of. Within every negative experience there is also a blessing and a gift. Instead of seeing that the universe as being against you, the universe is actually working for you.

Though the law of attraction manifests your feelings and thoughts as a reflection in the physical realm, the real goal behind it is your awakening and you stepping into your divine essence.

If you are having trouble understanding the essence behind a certain situation Byron Katie’s thought inquiry about forming “turnarounds” can help you turn around the external situation and see what’s going on inside you.

How Does Being In The Present Moment Work With Manifesting Your Future

They may seem separate when the law of attraction blogs are telling you to “ask and you shall receive” and get clear on what you desire and visualize it in the present moment and the meditation blogs keep telling you to let go of desire and stop looking into the future, but these are entirely related.

First, in order to manifest the desire you have you must feel yourself no longer desiring it in the present moment but instead appreciating it as if it’s already here. Thus, living in the present moment and even letting go of your visualizations can be even more powerful.

Why is this? If you are totally and deeply satisfied within the present moment this would be just as you would feel if you no longer longed for your dreams to manifest. Then, living in the present moment is a match to your most satisfying dreams, even those you have not specifically articulated.

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Shifting Others Romantically With The Law of Attraction

Some people ask if using the law of attraction may manipulate others’ free will or that you could be changing the course of another’s reality. The answer is you can’t. Others are a reflection of you.

This would not be the you that you perceive as your personality, but the you that underlies that, your true essence. We are all energy when we boil it down.

This means how you direct your thoughts whether you produce a ceremony of manifesting love so that you can solidify confidence that it’s coming to you or you simply hold the feeling you are loved by another; you cannot impose your belief on another as they are a physical form of the same matter you are made up of.

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Do You Have More Law of Attraction Questions?

We have many resources where you can find your answers. All the way from free online law of attraction books from the best authors to learning how you can work with the law of attraction to relieve depression we have got you covered.

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