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Seeking Proof About The Law of Attraction? 3 Viewpoints To Consider

If you’ve come to this article you are already questioning the basis of how reality functions. You must already feel somewhere inside of you that you must in some way impact your external reality. This is how understanding as well as creating your own experiences with the law of attraction come into play.

Evidence The Law of Attraction Is Real

If you want to find more supporting factors of the law of attraction you can dive into quantum physics. Here we are going to list three ways you can begin to view the law of attraction as real and an active continuous force within all life. If you want to learn more about the law of attraction see our article on simplifying the law of attraction.

Mirror Neurons

Mirror neurons are essential in our ability to naturally imitate as well as learn from watching another. These neurons job includes allowing us to mimic another’s skills as well as feel their emotions with them.

They are responsible for when we uncontrollable yawn when we see another person yawn and when we find that laughter is contagious from simply watching. These mirror neurons can also support the fact that when we are in a grateful and happy mental space it sparks this response in others as well.

Use Abraham Hicks’ morning routine to start your day with positivity.

Yet when we come from a pessimistic or anxious state we create this response within others too. Therefore, we are literally creating our reality and our opportunities with our thoughts, where we focus, and emotional state of being.

Positive Thinking Creates a Better Life

The law of attraction states that the thoughts you think, where you place your focus, and how you feel emotionally will attract its similar counterpart into your realitys With positive thinking being scientifically linked to overall higher satisfaction in life, this supports the law of attraction.

In Yonsei Medical Journal a study was published that first found demographic variables such as income, occupation, and even education had an impact on people’s ability to think positively. The next part of the study worked to control these variables and simply compare the levels of positive thinking with overall life satisfaction.

The results showed that not only does positive thinking lead to a more satisfying life, but positive thinking can be used as a solution to mediate the demographic factors that ultimately lead one to be less satisfied.

Learn how meditation helps create a positive mindset here, which may then become an important part of your journey of working with the law of attraction.

Experiment and Explore

It is important to not blindly follow another, always take your gut instinct and experience into account. This means that you should take your own time to explore the law of attraction.

If you are wondering how to begin looking into the book, E-Squared by Pam Grout from our list of books to attract spiritual abundance is the answer. This book takes you through 9 different 48-hour experiments that will help you build your own experience with the law of attraction.

She gives you easy to follow practices that get you to feel first hand how our consciousness creates our reality. Although, it is important to note that through exploring the law of attraction having an open mind is a key component to it being able to be manifest.

More Ways To Experience Yourself

These law of attraction games can help you begin to get your own experience working consciously with the law of attraction under your belt.

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