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Signs From The Universe That Love Is Coming

Love comes when we least expect it. That’s what makes it so special. 

It approaches us in all different types of forms and fashions and sweeps us off our feet with emotions. 

While we cannot predict when we are going to feel or fall in love, there are ways to recognize when the universe is sending love our way. 

The energy of the universe sends us messages. We can choose to take them as we please, but they are certainly there.

Thus, we’ve created a list of signs that the universe may be sending you, that love is on the way.

Signs That Love Is On The Ways

You’re Having Romantic Dreams 

If you’ve experienced a romantic or love-filled dream lately, it may be a sign from the universe that love is coming your way. 

In fact, some people say that dreams are the universe’s way of preparing you for what is to come. 

If you continue to see one person in your dream, it likely means that you care deeply for them. You may want to reach out to that person to connect, or, reconnect. 

Never put too much pressure on your dreams, though, as they can mean all different things for all different people. 

You’re Seeing Love Everywhere 

Have you ever considered buying a certain car before, and then it starts to feel like every person on the road is driving that exact car? 

Something similar often happens to us when we are longing for love. 

If you find yourself noticing love everywhere you look, it’s likely that your mind has already begun the manifestation process

While it may make you question when your moment is going to come, just know that love is always near.  

You Are Opening Up To New Opportunities 

We know what we want.

Whether you notice it or not, when we want to fall in love, the universe naturally shifts us into places and opportunities that put us in a perfect position to do so.

Have you felt more open to new and exciting possibilities or adventures lately?  

For example, your friends may have brought up plans for a trip this weekend that you’d normally never be interested in. But this time, it sounds amazing. 

That’s the universe sending the energy to your mind to put you in a position to find the love you so deserve. 

Your Past Love Life Feels Distant 

We are most ready for love when we are fully moved on from our past relationships and partners. 

If we are still hung up on the past, any new love interests in our life will be met by our minds with comparisons rather than a fresh start. 

When you start to notice the love stories or your past romances fading further and further away, you will also begin to notice love appearing in love and more places. This is because your mind is freeing up space and gaining the capacity to experience something new. 

You Feel Profound Love For Yourself 

You’ve probably heard before that you cannot love another until you truly love yourself

This is because you are no longer relying on the affirmation of another to know your own worth. Thus clearing up space for you to love others in a deeper, more powerful way. 

You will start to notice these feelings naturally as you become less focused on searching for love. When you start to feel the most comfortable with yourself, love will feel more comfortable, too. 

So if you notice any of these signs from the universe, there’s a chance that love is coming your way. 

Take it as you will.

Releasing the signs as passing thoughts without too much concern will help them to remain as passing thoughts. 

Focus on them, though, and the universe may bring you exactly what you are longing for. 

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