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Rapidly Manifest With These 4 Meditation Techniques

If you are struggling to manifest exactly what you want, there is a key ingredient necessary to manifest your dreams. That would be meditation.

Meditation creates numerous health benefits and doesn’t just stop there. Meditation ranges from physical health to emotional wellbeing, and even altering the reality in which we experience.

Try These 4 Meditation Techniques To Manifest Your Desires

If you already know how meditation helps you manifest with the law of attraction, then you can integrate these techniques into your daily spiritual practice or simply choose one to work with as you want.

1. Zero State

The first technique we will cover can be simplified as understanding using meditation as a tool to clear your mind and clear your vessel. Since we naturally are creators at the core of our being, when we clear out tangled thoughts and desires we unblock our connection to our natural potential.

To achieve this state of emptiness, it requires using focus as well as dissolving personal bias. Deepak Chopra calls this the law of pure potentiality, otherwise known as the zero state.

To find this state work with a single-pointed focus meditation. This style meditation helps you to navigate allowing emotions, thoughts, and the external world to become background noise.


There are many different ways to utilize the power of visualization meditation. From imagining yourself being filled with healing light in order to raise your vibration to feeling as if you are currently living the desire you have been longing for.

This technique is all about removing the blockage that stop your desires from manifesting in your life. Come to close your eyes and center yourself with deep breathing. After you have reached a meditative state, come to think about your goal.

What doubts do you have surrounding it? What can stop you from getting there? It’s okay to feel all of this for a moment. Come to picture a fire in your mind’s eye. Feel the heat radiating from it.

With each doubt, blockage, fear, and stressor that can block your desire see yourself holding it and putting it into the fire. As it burns in the fire and transforms, feel a weight lift off of you and waves of deep gratitude wash over you.

This is a great meditation technique to release expectations and actively surrender doubts so that you can create space for the life you want to enter. Try these 3 visualization techniques for success at any goal!

3. Mirror Mindfulness

Louise Hay teaches a self-healing technique called mirror work. This work changes the inner dialogue you have with yourself as well as brings you to start getting comfortable with loving yourself. Learn all about it here.

For this technique, we are going to tailor it a bit to get specific with what your intentions are. Go ahead and come to a mirror and look at yourself directly in the eyes. Take a few moments to empty your mind and stop attaching to any feelings that come up.

When you are ready begin talking out loud about your desire as if you are currently living with it manifested. Feel the pure joy you feel while saying this out loud. If any negative feelings come up such as feeling unworthy of your desire, take notice but do not attach to these feelings.

Simply keep affirming the scenario you are looking to manifest. Let the self-doubt run out of you like running tap water on. You can allow the murkiness to be there, just keep bringing in more (clean water) joy and gratitude which will eventually take its place.

4. Tap Into Ultimate Abundance

If you are ready to dive deep into the potential you have to manifest residing within you then consistently exploring meditation is the most important step. This is why we created our abundance meditation program.

To really transcend limiting beliefs and create lasting change an immersive approach must be taken. Using the abundance meditation program will offer you support and life-altering practices that will bring you to watch your desires unfold before your eyes.

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