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Five Crystals To Enhance Your Manifestations

Manifestation is one of the most trending topics on the internet. Whether it be love, money, health, or anything else, people across the world are turning to the law of attraction to reach for their goals. 

If you find yourself reading this article, you’re likely looking for crystals to enhance your practice. 

Crystals are said to hold potent energies, which can be harnessed by users to influence the energy around, and within them. 

Lucky for you, there are a ton. Different stones are definitely suited for different things, so we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites and their corresponding benefits. 

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Try out one, or all to see what resonates with you.

Top Manifestation Crystals

Rose Quartz: For Manifesting Love 

Rose Quartz is one of the most commonly known crystals out there. Well suited to its naturally rose pink color rose quartz is often used to attract love and relationships

Those who manifest with, or even just carry around rose quartz, are said to have been met with love in every part of their lives. 

It is also a great stone to help you achieve self-love or to use when mending a broken heart after a breakup. 

Like most other crystals, the best way to use rose quartz is by programming your intentions into it. Cleanse your crystal with sage or clear quartz and then, you can begin installing your intentions. 

Keep the crystal on your body,  or use it in your meditation sessions with more focused intentions. The important thing is to connect with it. 

Citrine: For Manifesting Success and Abundance 

Citrine, also known as the “success stone,” is a great crystal to use when manifesting success and abundance. 

Hosting very powerful energies, citrine is said to help manifesters raise their vibrations and shift their mindset to focus on optimism and prosperity.

When using this stone to manifest success, place it wherever feels closest to that goal. In your office, in your wallet, or even around your neck. This will help to keep the focus centered and allow you to constantly add energy to your crystal. 

Amethyst: For Manifesting Overall Wellbeing 

Amethyst is another very popular stone for manifestation with a vast range of benefits. 

Hosting very spiritual vibrations, Amethyst resonates with the crown chakra and third-eye. It helps expand awareness and increases intuition to enhance meditation and spirituality practices. 

It is also known to relieve stress, irritability, anger, and fear. 

Simple ways to begin manifesting with amethyst are by carrying a stone in your pocket or wearing it around your neck as jewelry. 

You may want to try placing the stone inline with your chakras, or in the tub while you bathe to sharpen the focus of your energy. 

Always remember to cleanse your crystals of past and present energy before each use. This can be done using saltwater, sage, or clear quartz. 

Aqua Aura: For Manifesting Positive Energy 

Aqua aura is known as the stone of the mind. It has strong properties to ease a negative mind and fill it with positive, soothing energy. 

By stimulating your throat chakra, the aqua aura Crystal can also assist you with communication by removing limitations and allowing you to speak the truth. 

One of the best ways to utilize your aqua aura crystal is by wearing it on your body. This can be done in the form of jewelry, or even just in your pocket, to ensure that the stone’s energy is always close. 

Aventurine: For Manifesting Health

Aventurine is a great crystal to use when manifesting health for yourself or others. 

The stone is said to stimulate metabolism (which can help with weight loss), in addition to balancing blood pressure and lowering cholesterol.

Aventurine is also said to have anti-inflammatory properties which can help ease allergies, headaches, and acne.

Wear a green aventurine close to your heart, or pulse points to aid in healing. You can also place your stone nearby at work or home to bolster spiritual strength.

If you are interested in learning more about the healing power of crystals, you may find the following links. 

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