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The 3 Best Law of Attraction Mantras

Mantras area beautiful tool to align your vibration with the essence of the mantra. When we chant the mantra it becomes even more powerful. Click here to find out the benefits of chanting.

Mantras are especially powerful if you allow yourself to put your emotion behind them! This is how chanting mantras superchargers our ability to manifest our desires because we turn ourselves into our desired emotional state through chanting.

The Law of Attraction

The law of attraction is based on the understanding of physics that proves everything is energy. Everything that makes up our physical reality from us to you to a chair or sound is made up of vibrating particles.

These particles attract, repel, and come into harmony with each other. The law of attraction states that which you are you attract. This correlates to what you focus on you attune yourself to. You then become a vibrational match to it and like a radio station you manifest.

What you think, say, feel, read, and do all send out ripples into the universe. These ripples then return to you what is in harmony with what you created. Our feelings are the most powerful manifesters.

They are like a lie detector as you have to feel worthy, capable, and fully in resonance with the feelings, you would feel as if you are currently living out your desires.

Below we are going to give you a list of some of the best mantras to chant when working with the law of attraction.

The Best Law of Attraction Mantras

We will explain the teaching within each mantra so that you can increase the effects of it. In fact, healing chemicals are released in the brain when we are intentionally attaching a meaning or understanding to the mantra. This is called the Psycholinguistic effect [PLE].

Below is a list of the law of attraction Vedic mantras. They can be used to attract love, manifest abundance, and create positivity because the essence of these mantras opens you to pure consciousness.

Om Bhavam Namah

This positive law of attraction mantra is perfect for all types of manifestation. Om Bhavam Namah translates to I am absolute existence. The way this mantra becomes powerful for working with the law of attraction is first of all the way when you acknowledge yourself as pure existence then you encompass your desires.

It empties you of separateness from your desires. This makes you the birthplace of creation itself. Click here to learn more about Om Bhavam Namah. As a law of attraction money mantra, this is perfect since it opens you up to all avenues of abundance.

Om Aieem Hreem

This mantra works to invoke the healing energy of the divine feminine goddess. When we think of feminine energy we can think of birth.

Everyone has both feminine and masculine energy inside them. By using this mantra we connect to the feminine energy which encompasses the creation and giving life to something, not necessarily human.

This mantra sparking manifestation powers, compassion, fluidity, death when necessary, and unveiling the true essence. Learn more about this mantra here.

Sampriya Hum

This law of attraction mantra is best to attract love. It activates loving-kindness, unconditional love, and forgiveness within us. The way this works with the law of attraction is to tune us into a higher vibration.

What we desire we want because it makes us happy, joyful, or proud for example. When we tap into unconditional love that is the same vibration that your dreams will exist in. By tuning yourself into this frequency you move yourself to be a match to the most joyful expression of energy.

Learn more about how meditation can cultivate compassion here.

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