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Moving Up The Emotional Guidance Scale – Abraham Hicks Explains

Do you ever struggle to feel in control of your emotions?

If you’re familiar with how The Law of Attraction works, you already know how important it to prioritize your energy, and maintain a state of feeling good, consistently, as you move throughout your day.

So, how, exactly, are you supposed to do that?

The answers lies in your emotional guidance system.

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What Is The Emotional Guidance System?

According to the teachings of Abraham Hicks, your emotional guidance system is simply your scale of emotions, that help you to determine whether or not you are in alignment with your desires.

When you feel good, you are in alignment, and you are moving towards everything that you want. When you feel bad, on the other hand, you are out of alignment, and your desires are moving away from you.

This means that the solution to effortless manifestation is to learn how to control your emotions, using what Abraham refers to as your emotional guidance scale, or your emotional grid.

To find your grid, simply take a few moments to list emotions from worst to best, as in the following diagram.

Read more about how to use your emotional grid.

How To Move Up The Emotional Scale

Once you understand what your emotional scale is, the question becomes how to gain control of it, so that moving up the emotional scale becomes an easy habit.

Mastering this step is the key to conscious creation.

While there are many different processes to help you get into the vortex, the key is to recognize that you are always able to choose a thought that feels slightly better than the last.

If you can do this – no matter what exercise or technique you use – you will gradually move up the scale. Mastering this ability takes practice, as you need to become more aware of the thoughts you think and the stories you tell yourself, and learn to see those stories as aids to help you raise your consciousness.

One of my favorite exercises is to use these 3 “Magic” Phrases, which will help you raise your energy at any time.

Or: Read more about the 22 processes from Ask And It Is Given.

Printable Abraham Hicks Emotional Guidance Scale PDF

Click here to download a printable version of the emotional scale.

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