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What To Do When You Feel Overwhelmed – Abraham Hicks

There is nothing more exciting than the thrill of rushing towards everything that you want.

But, sometimes, that feeling of rushing forward can also make you feel overwhelmed. It happens to everyone, and when it does, there are a few things you can do to step back and remember your true aim.

In this post I explain what the feeling of overwhelm really is, and how you can cope with it. Then, I’ll share a great Abraham video to help soothe you into a place of ease and well-being.

What Overwhelm Really Is

Feeling overwhelmed is not a bad thing. In some ways, it’s an indication of empowerment, because it means that you believe you are capable of achieving your goal, and you are working towards it. If you did not believe your desire were possible for you, you wouldn’t feel overwhelmed, because you wouldn’t even begin to take the actions necessary to achieve your goal.

It could also mean that you believe there are many opportunities and options available to you, and while you are eager and excited about moving forward, there’s so much you feel you must do, you don’t know where to begin. That’s not a bad thing, because, again, it means you fundamentally believe you’re in an empowered position.

But, feeling overwhelmed is also a sign that you are out of alignment. There is a disjunct between what you want, and what you believe you need to do in order to get it. Often, there is a major time-element involved in this, because you feel you need to do everything immediately, and the pressure you feel is an indication of your scarcity mindset.

Since it is on the negative side of the emotional scale, if left unmanaged, feeling overwhelmed can easily send you down a negative spiral.

Abraham describes this feeling as a bottleneck. Overhwhelm creeps in when you have a really strong desire, but you are not allowing the fullness of that desire to flow. It’s like a crimp in a hose: the energy is flowing, but you’re stopping the flow of it, so the pressure builds up.

The solution has everything to do with your focus.

How To Cope with Feeling Overwhelmed

When the pressure builds, it is always because you are focused on all of the many things demanding your attention in this moment.

When you shift your focus, you are able to release this pressure, by reorienting your mindset back towards your desire.

To do this, the process is the same as moving into alignment with any aim that you have. Go general, and use your emotional guidance system to gradually move up the scale. Use the processes from Ask and It Is Given to come first to a general, neutral, state of mind, and then a more positive state of mind.

One of the best techniques you can use is to use an affirmation that soothes you, and then, as you begin to calm down, let that affirmation turn into a gentle rampage of appreciation. This will help to calm your mind, and realign you to the positive feeling of your original desire.

Some ideas you might think are:

  • Everything is always working out for me.
  • Nothing needs to happen right now.
  • There are many things I enjoy in life that happen without me doing them.
  • I know I am moving towards my desire.
  • In this moment, I am well.

Choose one that resonates with you. Begin slowly. Relax, and have fun.

Learn more about getting into the vortex.

Using The Law of Attraction to Soothe Your Emotions

In this video, Abraham offers a brief explanation of what the feeling of overwhelm (or, overwhelment as Abraham likes to call it!) really is.

Abraham tells us that it’s a bottleneck feeling in which your desire is stronger than your alllowing in that moment.

Then, there’s an easy rampage to help you soothe yourself out of feeling overwhelmed and into a state of calm, confident ease.

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