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Neville Goddard is a highly impactful law of attraction teacher. Publishing many of his work and talks in the mid-90s, Neville Goddard was a bit controversial at the time. He interprets the Bible (all sixty-six books that we call the bible) as a biography of human consciousness.

What Your Faith Is Your Fortune Teaches

Neville Goddard teaches those to question the way they look at reality. His teachings make the veil between what you have and what you desire very thin. His books inspire you to see beyond the veil of previously decided beliefs and teach you how to begin working with the law of attraction.

The Best Quotes From Your Faith Is Your Fortune

Your Faith Is Your Fortune can empower you to dissolve your separation from you and God, from you and the divine. When studying Neville Goddard’s teachings you can learn how to see the bible as a metaphorical play of human consciousness.

By listening to Neville’s interpretation of the bible you learn the power of your spoken word as well as the potency of your attention. You can find the free PDF Ebook file available for download below.

Chapter One: Before Abraham Was

I AM the eternal No-thingness containing within my formless self the capacity to be all things

=Man does not command things to appear by his words, which are, more often than not, a confession of his doubts and fears. Decreeing is ever done in consciousness.

Chapter Three: The Principle of Truth

To rise to the level of any state is to automatically become that state in expression. But, in order to rise to the level that you are not now expressing, you must completely drop the consciousness with which you are now identified. Until your present consciousness is dropped, you will not be able to rise to another level. Do not be dismayed. This letting go of your present identity is not as difficult as it might appear to be.

Just as a branch withers and dies if the sap of the vine ceases to flow towards it, so do things and qualities pass away if you take your attention from them; because your attention is the sap of life which sustains the expression of your life.

Chapter Four: Whom Seek Ye?

The man who is conscious of being poor does not need the assistance of anyone to express his poverty. The man who is conscious of being sick, though isolated in the most hermetically sealed germ-proof area in the world, would express sickness.

You are told in the Book of Numbers that there was a time when men were in their own eyes as grasshoppers and because of this conception of themselves, they saw giants in the land. This is as true of man today as it was the day it was recorded. Man’s conception of himself is so grasshopper-like, that he automatically makes the conditions round about him appear gigantic; in his blindness he cries out for masters to help him fight his giant problems

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