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What Is Bending Reality? Mindvalley’s Vishen Lakhiani Explains

What Is Bending Reality?

Bending Reality is one of the core principles talked about in The Code of The Extraordinary Mind.

Basically, it is the idea that the world around you will conform to your level of consciousness. As you set clear guidelines and intentions for what you want to experience in your life, and focus on achieving a happy, positive state in pursuit of it, you will find you enter a world in which your dreams and visions become the heart of your everyday experience.

This principle is based upon The Law of Vibration, working in conjunction with The Law of Attraction.

In order to understand how it works, you must first understand that there is no single objective world outside of you. Rather, your consciousness is your experience of the world. So, if you want to change your physical life experience, you have to begin by changing your consciousness. When you set a goal, you must raise your energy to match the level of your goal.

In order to raise your energy, all you have to do is balance the vision of where you want to be (the big dream of wish you want to fulfill), with a desire to be happy in the present moment. In this state, you accept where you are, while you continue to be propelled towards your goal.

“It’s a subtle balance:

1. You have a bold vision for the future pulling you forward.
2. Yet… you’re happy in the NOW.”

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In The Code of The Extraordinary Mind, Lakhiani explains that, practically speaking, this means you must remain focused on your vision and the outcome you expect, regardless of what appears to confront you in life. As you remain focused on your aim, you essentially use the force of your willpower and mind to influence the outcome of events.

There are many techniques for achieving this level of control. One of my favorites is Neville Goddard’s process of revision, through which you take a few moments in the evening to review your day, but, rather than review the memory of what happened, you tap into your preferred vision of what you wanted to happen. In this way, you can re-weave the fabric of reality to your own making.

“Extraordinary minds are able to bend reality. They have bold and exciting visions for the future, yet their happiness is not tied to these visions. They are happy in the now. This balance allows them to move toward their visions at a much faster rate while having a ton of fun along the way.”

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