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5 Exercises To Open Your Root Chakra: Muladhara Healing

The energy centers within our bodies, chakras, are what allow life force energy to flow through us bringing us new beginnings, health, and life itself. When one of these chakras becomes blocked it stagnates the entire movement of our lifeforce energy through us.

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The Root Chakra Muladhara

Associated with the colors red and brown, the root chakra is responsible for grounding us and holds our relationship with the physical world. It is located at the base of the spine right at the coccyx bone.

It is our center for safety, our basic survival need, financial capability, and our foundation. The Muladhara when in balance brings us a sense of security. It guides us to set healthy boundaries and teaches us to trust life. To learn what emotions cause the root chakra to be blocked click here.

5 Techniques To Heal The Root Chakra

1. Connect With The Earth

The element associated with the root chakra is the earth. That’s no surprise considering how mother earth provides us with our basic needs.

When someone is not grounded there a blockage within the root chakra will also be present. Taking the time to connect with the earth and practice grounding techniques will directly impact the root chakra.

Grounding physically and symbolically connects your feet to the earth. To practice grounding, you can use visualization techniques of anchoring your self into the earth. You can also simply spend time in nature or better yet walk barefoot!

2. Move Your Body

Our biggest connector to the physical realm is our body! By taking the time to move it, we can connect to our root chakra and anchor ourselves into the present moment.

When we strengthen our physical body we also strengthen our emotional body. This correlates directly to our increasing our feelings of capability and self-worth. Tony Robbins teaches that adjusting your physiology is one way to create an immediate shift in your mental state.

3. Declutter

To honor your relationship with the physical realm you can start with what you already have. Similar to the way gratitude attracts more to be grateful for through the law of attraction, caring for your material items will clear out blockages in your root chakra.

By organizing you will guide yourself to be more receptive to physical manifestations of abundance. By decluttering you also release what was cluttering your mental body as well.

4. Affirmations

Working with root chakra affirmations repetitively will begin to rewire your subconscious mind to align itself to the belief systems of a healthy root chakra. These will also work to prime you energetically to end damaging behavior or self-sabotaging patterns.

5. Journaling

Diving into the emotions and beliefs you have surrounding the root chakras territory can create healing immediately within the chakra. Through journal prompts for the root chakra you will be able to uncover and process emotions that may have been causing stagnation.

This technique is own of self-discovery and thought inquiry. It is extremely effective when you are ready to put in deep work to clear out your root chakra energy center.

The Seven Chakra System

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