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Emotional Blockages Of The Throat Chakra

The fifth chakra, Vishuddha, is known commonly as the throat chakra. Each chakra rules an aspect to our emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual bodies. The chakras work together to create your entire being. They are interconnected meaning that when you are emotionally blocked this correlates to the health and vibrancy of the rest of your being.

Emotional Signs The Throat Chakra Is Healthy

When the throat chakra is open it shows as authentic and honest expression. This energy center holds our voice. When it is healthy it manifests as being confident to communicate clearly and speak up when necessary.

It also encompasses good healthy listening skills and the ability to keep an open mind even through disagreements. Loving your unique expression is a key aspect of a healthy throat chakra. As well as, contentment within how one expresses themselves creatively and through their career. Learn the power of your throat chakra by the benefits of chanting.

Emotional Symptoms Of A Throat Chakra Blockage

There is a subtle difference between a blockage and an overactivation of the energy within the chakras. Simplified a blockage will be an aversion to allowing prana to circulate through this chakra whether that be from stagnation or fear. Click here to learn more about what causes chakras to be blocked.

When the fifth chakra is blocked telltale emotions that may flood the system include lack of self-confidence, negative self-talk, untrustworthy, or deep fear of rejection. Lacking self-confidence may lead someone with an underactive throat to not speak up.

Other emotions that may circulate are avoiding vulnerability and or direct communication. Indecisiveness and aggressive language relate to this chakra being blocked. Social anxiety and satisfaction with their impact stem from throat chakra blockages.

Emotional Symptoms Of A Throat Chakra Over Activation

Now to get into over-activation. An overactive chakra is like a gathering of energy within one energy center that causes the entire chakra system to be imbalanced. It can display itself as an intense emotional attraction or aversion to certain throat chakra characteristics.

Emotional symptoms of an overactive throat chakra include aggressive and impatient language. When one converses within belittlement, bullying, or gossips these are symptoms of an overactive and imbalanced throat chakra. Talking over someone or sharing too much is another symptom.

Being inconsiderate of boundaries, indecisive, stubborn, or lying are included. Manipulation and exaggerated storytelling are telltale signs to balance the throat chakra. Being inconsistent with your words is another sign.

How To Balance The Throat Chakra

There are many ways to bring healing to our fifth chakra. Direct action can be applied by self-reflection. Such as during investigative and completely honest journaling one can then see any emotional blockages we have around the throat chakra’s territory. Click here for journal prompts for the throat chakra.

Other techniques include journaling or especially speaking throat chakra affirmations. Speaking benefits the chakra even more due to activating the vocal cords and using the voice.

The affirmations work to reprogram your subconscious through repetitive positive statements. These will then in turn not only shift your inner dialogue but also your emotional body. Singing, Reiki, and remaining true to your inner self will also heal and balance the throat chakra.

In order to balance the throat chakra fully it is important to look at your chakra system as a whole. For this, you may also enjoy this guided meditation for healing all of the seven chakras.

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