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The Throat Chakra Vishuddha Energy Center

Vishuddha, the throat chakra, the fifth chakra in the seven chakras energy system. Chakra is Sanskrit and translates as “wheel” or “circle”. This translation can begin to explain the way the chakra system works as a continuous stream of energy circulating throughout the body. Sometimes when we become stagnant in life or it is time to change the way we have previously been living, our chakras can become blocked with this stagnation

Traits Of A Balanced Throat Chakra

Vishuddha is located in the throat and controls the thyroid gland, vocal cords, mouth, tongue, jaw, shoulders, ears, and teeth. Between the third eye chakra (seat of intuition) and the heart chakra (seat of our emotions), this position makes it a bridge between emotions and intellect.

When the throat chakra is in balance one can easily express themselves both verbally and nonverbally. They communicate their truth with confidence and clarity. They are not afraid to own their truth in front of others and in fact, enjoy the uniqueness of their being.

Someone with an open throat chakra will enjoy exploring themselves and the different viewpoints of the world around them. They strive to create understanding and can keep their minds open and calmly communicate during disagreements.

Traits Of An Underactive Throat Chakra

When the throat chakra is underactive, someone may find it hard to speak up in situations. They may experience self-judgments and a lack of feeling confident. They may experience deep feelings of rejection and self-criticism.

They may struggle to communicate their emotions or vocalize their needs. One may even find creative expression anxiety-provoking or feel a disconnect within it.

One may also feel shy or resistant when given a space to express their uniqueness. Feeling out of touch with their purpose or unhappy within their career can be another symptom.

Activation Allies Of The Throat Chakra

When opening and activating the throat chakra there are many tools you can use. Simple tools you can use yourself and integrate into your daily habits include singing (even singing affirmations), saying no when you want to, listening to throat chakra sound healing music while cooking, or even dressing in the color blue. Try working with some of the throat chakra activation allies listed below.

These throat chakra healing tools can be used to open and balance the Vishuddha center.

More advanced throat chakra activation allies include receiving a reiki session or practicing yoga. Using yoga specifically for the throat chakra will have a focus on the neck and shoulders, as well as include mantras to chant. Some ways to use sound in your yoga practice is by chanting the sound om, speaking affirmations, or using mantras such as om mani padme hum. Asanas to open and activate the throat chakra include neck rolls, Salamba Sarvangasana (supported shoulder stand), Ustrasana (camel pose), and Matsyasana (fish pose).

Affirmations For Opening The Throat Chakra

Anytime you are speaking authentically from your heart you are healing your throat chakra and using the gifts it has blessed you with. Affirmations are a beautiful way to activate the throat chakra and bring in abundance through the law of attraction as well.

  • I am innately deserving of love
  • I love every shape and form I come in
  • I speak my truth beautifully
  • I am in alignment with my truth
  • I honor my needs
  • I express myself freely
  • I am honest

Traits Of An Overactive Throat Chakra

When the throat chakra is overactive someone may be prone to gossiping, manipulation, and dishonesty. They may feel victimized by others’ words easily and may also use their words aggressively.

This can take the form of condescending speech, violent words, arrogance, and belittling. When this chakra is overactive one may also be attached to their perspective and have a hard time listening to someone else’s.

They may talk over others and struggle to listen. The over stimulated throat chakra can also manifest in the form of self-absorption and searching for validation from others.

When we speak we are creating a physical form of our thoughts. Intentionally bring what you love into this physical reality.

Techniques To Balance The Throat Chakra

When balancing the throat chakra an important approach to take is also balancing the solar plexus, heart, and third eye chakra.

One needs to feel confident and balanced in their sense of self within the solar plexus. They need to have an open heart so they can accept and express their emotions freely. As well as, have a connection to the etheric realm and their intuition through the third eye.

A great way to balance the Vishudda center is by practicing both listening and talking equally. Techniques include journaling to get in touch with your underlying current of truth and raising self confidence.

Taking classes on nonviolent communication, authentic relating, public speaking, or communication skills with help bring healing to your throat chakra.

Crystals For Throat Chakra Healing

Healing crystals can be used during meditation, placed under a pillow while sleeping, or carried in your pocket throughout your day. The color of a crystal directly correlates to which chakra this is helping you to work with. The colors pink and green support the energy and balancing of the heart chakra. Some specific crystals to work with are:

  • Angelite
  • Blue Calcite
  • Blue Kyanite
  • Aquamarine
  • Blue Beryl
  • Blue Lace Agate
  • Blue Apatite

When choosing a crystal to work with it is always important to use your intuition. One way to do this is to close your eyes and hold the crystal in your hand. Let go of any expectations and allow yourself to notice any subtle sensations arising while you are holding this crystal. Take note of the state of your mind as well.

If you are not able to hold the crystal before purchasing it, another way to feel which one may be the right fit for you is by imagining you’ve made the decision to purchase a specific crystal. Take note of how you feel after making this decision. Again, let go of trying to force a mental response. Allow your feelings to come naturally. Witness them subjectively. You may also decide to use this practice by comparing the results with two different crystals in order to feel the contrast on how you would work differently with each one.

Our voice extends our morals and desires out into the world, stay strong and confident enough to share your gifts with the world.

Journal Prompts To Balance The Throat Chakra

All journaling is going to help balance the throat chakra as this form of self-expression creates a space where you can be intimately honest with yourself.

Writing out your thoughts and feelings without any prompt. writing poetry, and asking yourself questions are all techniques that will open your throat chakra and bring it into balance.

  • What am I holding back from saying?
  • In what ways do I hold myself back from my fullest expression?
  • How do I communicate in conflict?
  • When do I hesitate to use my voice?
  • Where do I want to be more authentic in my life?
  • Where do I feel most creative?

Heal All Seven Chakras

Through listening to our chakra system and what it is telling us, we have the potential to miraculously self-heal. It is a sacred system you are currently reading about and you can connect to each one of them through meditation music.

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