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How To Hear Your Inner Voice

Your inner voice can whisper little tidbits of wisdom. It can sprinkle breadcrumbs in the direction towards your dreams, but how do you supply your inner voice with a microphone and larger breadcrumbs? Learn how meditation can awaken your intuition here.

Does Everyone Have An Inner Voice?

Often times we have an immediate thought pop up around a question. Almost instinctively it answers. Through societies domestication of our human nature, we commonly quiet our inner guide. Although currently many lightworkers are awakening to the sound of their inner voice.

If you have ever been stuck between two decisions you may have felt the instinctual wisdom start to pop up. However, you may have found yourself remaining indecisive as it is pretty common to doubt and disregard our inner voice.

This can cause your ears to become desensitized to this inner voice. Below are three practices to give your inner voice a microphone of confidence and you a boatload of courage to surrender into trusting yourself.

Practice Giving Yourself Advice

In order to listen to your inner voice, you need to know how it sounds. You need to build trust as this is a neglected relationship you are beginning to pick back up. Do so gently and gradually.

You can initiate strengthening this bond by slowing down when presented with a decision. When deciding on simple scenarios for example what color to paint a room allow yourself to slow down. Bring your awareness internally and see what it would feel like to make each decision.

This will take your dedication in order to build a strong connection. Continuously check-in and see what your inner voice sounds and feels like. You can also become acquainted with your inner voice through journaling.

Here are journal prompts for healing each of the seven chakras!

Automatic Writing

Wisdom flows freely our of the tip of your pen. Uninhibited by mental labels automatic writing allows your subconscious to spill across the pages. This practice can take time to get the hang of.

It is an act of surrender and an act of exploration. By emptying the content of your monkey mind out you create space for it to rest and the subconscious mind to present itself. Learn how meditation can also help quiet the monkey mind here.

You can learn how to practice automatic writing with these techniques here. You can also set the intention to tap into the wisdom of your spirit guides or god when automatic writing.


Meditation works to clear not only your mind but your ears too! When we have judgments, personal bias, and habitual beliefs in our head we can miss out on the subtle wisdom that tries to shine through our autopilot.

When we cultivate more mindfulness we can create a sensitivity to the subtle layers of our mind. We can see through what is our hearts wisdom speaking and what is the voice of fear.

To begin practicing mindfulness with sound click here to meditate with this guided exercises.

Continue Tapping Into Your Inner Voice

Find five ways to release judgments that clog your mental space here. You may also enjoy learning the power of spoken word here.

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