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Divination 101: 4 Types of Spiritual Readings You Can Learn

Spirituality is the essence of our lives. It is the belief in the divine power that courses through the whole universe and everything in it. Over the years, the ancients have left us ways to tap into this power. We call these methods of channeling this power, divination

These methods of divination are just different ways to glimpse at the threads of our lives and see what knots need unraveling.

Not everyone is blessed with the gift of prophecy. However, with time and practice, you can train yourself to channel the abilities you do have and amplify them. So what are the different ways you can divine the future or find out about the present? 

Tarot Cards

Tarot cards have seen a rise in popularity recently. The number of types of decks available has skyrocketed, and there are options for all budgets. Tarot cards are a set of 72 cards with various illustrations on them. The images also give these cards power, so make sure you feel connected to the deck you buy. Each card is representative of a different philosophy. 

Questions are asked of the cards, and they are selected and set in a particular pattern. Each position in the set adds to the answer in a specific way. The Tarot, while popular, requires a lot of study to master. You can use the Tarot for yourself or for others. However, remember that practice makes perfect. You should not shy away from asking for insight into your own life in order to hone your skills. 

Tea Leaves 

Reading tea leaves is an ancient practice that has been traced back to the Middle East, Ancient Greece, and Asia. In the middle east, the practice is also carried out using coffee grounds. Here, you drink the tea brewed from whole tea leaves. It is essential you use whole leaves and not the power that is commonly available. The dregs left behind to settle down into different shapes, which are then interpreted. 

Reading tea leaves requires serious study about what the different shapes mean and how they relate to everyday life. The best part about reading tea leaves, also known as tasseography, is that you can create as elaborate a ritual around it as you want. If you are reading tea leaves for someone else, you can enrich the ceremony with aromatherapy and stones to relax and put them in a receptive train of mind. 


Scrying is more popularly known as crystal ball gazing. Contrary to popular belief, scrying doesn’t need the use of specifically a crystal ball. You can also gaze into the future using a mirror or any reflective surface. However, if you do choose to buy a crystal ball, you should carefully select the material it is made out of to reflect your own abilities. Sit in a darkened room with your tool and a single lit candle. You can concentrate and focus on the candle while you keep an eye on the reflective surface or your crystal ball. 

As you let your inner eye open up and take over, you should start seeing images and figures in the ball or mirror. Scrying is one of the most challenging types of divination to master. If your belief in this form of divination is strong, you could also turn to experts to do this for you. You can turn to verified experts like on Mysticmag’s list of psychics to find out information about yourself or for guidance on how to proceed. 


The origin of the ancient runes can be traced back to Odin himself. Legend says that Odin hung himself upside from the Tree of Life for seven days and seven nights. On the last day, he saw the runes strewn around the base of the tree. These runes have been used ever since, and the practice has remained mostly unchanged for centuries. Just like the other divination practices, the runes require a lot of practice to master. The advantage of runes is that instead of buying them, you can make them yourself. 

There are 24 runes you can inscribe on any small pieces of natural elements like wood, stone, or crystal. Making them from scratch also ensures you are more connected to these tools than the ones you buy. To practice, put your runes in a bag and ask your question. Draw runes out one by one to get your answer. The answer can be as straightforward or as detailed as you like depending on the number of runes you draw out of the bag. 

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