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Kenneth Keyes Seven Centers of Consciousness

Kenneth Keyes Jr. was an author of the living love personal growth method that teaches how to reprogram our minds to stop causing ourselves to suffer. The seven centers of consciousness are fundamental in learning about how we function at the core and programming we may have been brought up with.

1. Security Center

Similar to the root chakra it is the center of our basic needs and what we require to feel secure. This includes shelter, food, income, and other programming you have that you perceive you require in order to feel secure.

This center is where your instincts strive to make sure you have “enough” and will loudly direct you towards fighting to make sure you are secure

2.Sensation Center

This center is similar to the sacral chakra, as it is associated with pleasure. It includes attraction and is governed by seeking enjoyment from sensations.

This includes sex as well as other sensational activities such as eating, listening to music, and drug use. This center drives one to discover more enjoyable and pleasurable sensations.

3.Power Center

The power center is related to the similar functioning of the solar plexus chakra. This center, of course, has to do with power and it relates to how we feel about ourselves.

This center when especially focused on includes overpowering people, focusing upon attaining wealth and can even include manipulation. Hierarchy and powerplay are found within this center as well.

4.Love Center

Now, this center is similarly correlated to the heart chakra. When the consciousness is focused upon this center compassion comes easily. Unconditional love is situated here and the dramas of the lower centers are not as captivating to you.

The consciousness begins to shift out of a separate identity and can see themselves within others including those who are suffering.

5.Cornucopia Center

When the consciousness is centered around the cornucopia center, you begin to feel more accepting and supported by the way life unravels. Some addictive tendencies are still present although you live the experiences you need to find freedom from emotionally-driven orders.

You will find that as the more you surrender to life, the more you receive abundance in many forms. This chakra is correlated to the throat chakra.

6.Conscious-Awareness Center

This center of consciousness nonjudgmentally perceives the other centers and the mind’s functioning. It encompasses witnessing the five lower centers as well.

You begin to learn of the roles you take on to play and how you can perceive them without attachment or fear. This center is similar to the third-eye chakra.

7.Cosmic Consciousness Center

Within this center of consciousness, you can transcend self-awareness and come into total unity. This center is similar to the crown chakra.

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