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Jim Rohn Explains The Law of Sowing and Reaping

The Law of Sowing and Reaping is a basic principle that governs what you will receive from life. The origin is from The Bible, but it has many parallels to The Law of Attraction, as it explains what it takes to succeed.

In this post I want to go through Jim Rohn’s simple and astute explanation of this traditional story.

The Story of The Sower and The Seed

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Start With Good Seed

The first part of the story tells you that in order for the sower to reap the rewards of his harvest, he must start with good seed.

This simply means that you must have a good idea, a good product, and worthwhile goal that you set your sights on. As long as you have a worthwhile goal, and firm belief in it, the rest of the process will unfold naturally.

The Birds Will Get Some

When you first start sowing, some seed will falls to the ground before you plant it. As it falls by the side of the road, the birds will come and get some of the seed.

At this point, you could decide to go chase the birds. You could fight to get every scrap of seed back, but this is a waste of time and effort. Instead, simply accept that the birds will get some of the seed, and move on. If you chase the birds, you will leave the field.

But, the story tells us that the sower kept on sowing.

The Rocky Ground

When you accept that the birds will get some of the seed and decide to keep on sowing, you move on to the next stage of the metaphor: the rocky ground.

At this stage, some of the seed gets into the ground, and it can even begin to sprout a little. This is your first sign of progress. It is the first clue that you are beginning to turn nothing into something.

But, the story goes that when the hot weather comes, the little sprouts shrivel and die.

Again, Rohn says your best response is simply to accept that some things don’t stick. You will lose some customers. Some great ideas won’t pan out, but what’s most important is that you keep on sowing.

In order to keep on sowing, Rohn says you must learn to discipline your disappointment. Don’t get upset when some things don’t work out. Accept them, and move on.

The good sower keeps on sowing.

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The Thorny Ground

At this point, the seed falls on thorny ground, and once again the plants start to grow.

But, once again, the plants die early, because the thorns choke them to death.

These thorns are the little obstacles that get in your way. They are the slight setbacks, the stories you tell yourself, and the mindset that small things will cheat you out of big opportunities.

Agasin, Rohn says that the best response isn’t to worry about. Don’t try to figure out why the thorns come, just move on, and keep on sowing.

The Good Ground

At the end of the story, the seed finally falls on good ground.

If you keep on going, you will get to the good ground. You will get to the point where your effort begins to pay off, and you begin to reap the results you’ve desired.

The important point to know is that if you keep on sowing, you will always reach the good ground.

But, there is still another lesson here. Some of the good seeds will still only yield 30% or 60% of what they are capable of, while others will reach 100% and be an amazing success.

Again, don’t waste your time trying to figure it out, just keep on sowing.

These simple ideas form the law of success. Keep on sowing and you are bound to reach your goal. Just don’t worry about the upsets along the way.

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