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5 Exercises To Open The Crown Chakra: Sahasrara Healing

The energy centers within our bodies, chakras, are what allow life force energy to flow through us bringing us new beginnings, health, and life itself. When one of these chakras becomes blocked it stagnates the entire movement of our lifeforce energy through us.

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The Crown Chakra Sahasrara

Associated with the colors white and purple, the crown chakra is responsible for our connection to infinite wisdom beyond the veil of human limitations and our perception of a higher power. This chakra holds our faith, it holds our ability to dissolve the ego and separateness, and the meaningfulness we feel in life.

This energy center is also correlated to intuition and universal wisdom.  The crown chakra is related to gaining information from extrasensory perception. This means perceiving the even more subtle layers to life. Learn how meditation can help you increase your intuition here.

Sahasrar is located at the top or crown of the head. It is connected to the brain, nervous system, pineal, and hypothalamus gland It correlates to our ability to read between the lines, how we form our beliefs, and our approach to new knowledge.

When opening the crown chakra it increases mental capacity, taps you into your intuition, stops you from getting caught up in worries, and connects you to the divine. To learn what emotions cause the crown to be blocked click here.

5 Techniques To Heal The Crown Chakra

1. Meditation

Fear can be a symptom of a crown chakra blockage. Meditation has incredible ways of helping the mind open, guiding one to see through emotional bias, and teaching you to root yourself into your inner peace.

Meditation can actually help overcome phobias and fear. This means it can help open up the crown chakra so that you can rebuild your trust with life and yourself.

2. Visualization

Visualization activates the internal mind and uses the imagination as well in order to depict everything clearly. This stimulates the crown chakra and helps one let go of limiting beliefs they may be more connected to when connecting to the physical realm.

Neville Goddard teaches how understanding the imagination helps us comprehend the way the nature of the universe works and then how to use it to manifest your desires. You can learn more about visualization and the imagination in the free PDF download of his book Awakened Imagination here.

3. Grounding

Grounding is an indirect way we can bring healing and balance into the crown chakra. It is a holistic healing method as it looks at the chakra system as a whole.

Similar to a tree by nourishing the root system the branches will grow even stronger. This is because it creates a stronger foundation for the root chakra. Which then ripples up the chakra system and will recalibrate the foundation that the crown chakra is connected to.

This allows the crown chakra to shift into its own balance. If you have ever heard of the fairy tale of the princess and the pea, where the princess sleeps on top of a pea that has many mattresses stacked on top of it.

This was a test for the sleeping girl to see if she had the sensitivity to feel the pea under all the cushioning. She tossed and turned all night simply because the bump in the foundation disrupted even the top layer.

This is how grounding helps the crown chakra to find its balance. Learn grounding techniques here!

4. Affirmations

Working with crown chakra affirmations repetitively will begin to rewire your subconscious mind to align itself to the belief systems of a healthy crown chakra. These will also work to prime you energetically to end damaging behavior or self-sabotaging patterns.

Especially through claiming yourself as what you desire you are then choosing and aligning yourself to an identity that you desire. By changing your beliefs through affirmations you are working with the law of attraction.

5. Journaling

Diving into the emotions and beliefs you have surrounding the crown chakras territory can create healing immediately within the chakra. Through journal prompts for the crown chakra you will be able to uncover and process emotions that may have been causing stagnation.

This technique is own of self-discovery and thought inquiry. It is extremely effective when you are ready to put in deep work to clear out your crown chakra energy center.

The Seven Chakra System

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