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5 Exercises To Open The Throat Chakra: Vishuddha Healing

The energy centers within our bodies, chakras, are what allow life force energy to flow through us bringing us new beginnings, health, and life itself. When one of these chakras becomes blocked it stagnates the entire movement of our lifeforce energy through us.

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The Throat Chakra Vishuddha

Associated with the color light blue, the throat chakra is responsible for our self-expression. The throat chakra controls the thyroid gland, vocal cords, gums, tongue, jaw, shoulders, ears, and teeth.

It holds our authentic expression, communication, and individual uniqueness. It is the bridge between our intellect and our emotions. It has to do with expressing, following, and living in integrity to one’s truth. To learn what emotions cause the throat chakra to be blocked click here.

5 Techniques To Heal The Throat Chakra

1. Use Your Voice

With the throat chakra connected to our truth and our inner voice, singing, chanting, and simply using our voice is a way to bring movement to this chakra. Intentionally chanting mantras will clear out stagnant energy trapped within this chakra.

Even just speaking to another about something you may have been avoiding, vocalizing boundaries, or even allowing yourself to fully express your truth is the essence of the throat chakra itself. Exercising and embodying these practices will keep the throat chakra healthy and strong.

Learn about the benefits of chanting and how to get started here.

2. Listen

The other half of speaking your truth is listening and honoring others. Your words have more power when you use them intentionally which goes hand in hand with knowing when to listen.

Sound healing music for the throat chakra, as embedded below, can be used to bring healing energy into the throat chakra. It can also work to clam the mental body and bring you into a balanced state within the intellect and the emotions.

3. Color Therapy

You can use color therapy to heal and balance the throat chakra. This can be done by surrounding yourself with the color blue. From eating blueberries and wearing blue to visualizing the color blue you can welcome the realignment of this chakra.

Color healing is using the electrical impulses stimulated in the brain when we are exposed to color to create either a calming or stimulating healing effect. Learn about color therapy here.

4. Affirmations

Working with throat chakra affirmations repetitively will begin to rewire your subconscious mind to align itself to the belief systems of a healthy throat chakra. These will also work to prime you energetically to end damaging behavior or self-sabotaging patterns.

Especially through claiming yourself as what you desire you are then choosing an identity that nourishes you. By changing your beliefs through affirmations you are working with the law of attraction. Neville Goddard is a great author who teaches how our beliefs create our reality. Click here to find some of his free PDF books.

Speaking these positive affirmations aloud is especially powerful due to bringing the voice to more deeply identify with the affirmations. You can even sing these affirmations for a little added fun!

5. Journaling

Diving into the emotions and beliefs you have surrounding the throat chakras territory can create healing immediately within the chakra. Through journal prompts for the throat chakra you will be able to uncover and process emotions that may have been causing stagnation.

This technique is own of self-discovery and thought inquiry. It is extremely effective when you are ready to put in deep work to clear out your throat chakra energy center.

The Seven Chakra System

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