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Guided Meditation for Clearing Subconscious Negativity and Mental Blocks

Whether you’re feeling a bit down or suffer from chronic anxiety or depression, one way to improve your mood is to work through the negative energy that is keeping you down.

By clearing negativity and removing mental blocks, you allow your mind to relax into a higher feeling of peace and well-being. While you can work through this process consciously by managing your thoughts and raising your vibration, any chronic issues are likely to resurface.

Thus, the best solution is to root out any subconscious negative beliefs you may hold, and re reprogram your mind to become more positive, peaceful, and loving.

In this post, I’ll walk you through how you can clear this subconscious negativity, and then share one of my favorite guided meditations by Michael Sealey to help you transcend this energy.

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How To Clear Subconscious Negativity

Negativity can come in many different forms, but, ultimately, all negative energy that we hold is rooted in our subconscious beliefs and habits.

There are two basic ways you can break through this negativity. The first is to manage your thoughts in the current moment, and work on raising the vibration that you hold, right now.

This is a powerful skill to master, and practicing raising your vibration is one way to energetically break bad habits and create good ones, which in turn will cause you to feel better over time.

The other process is to tackle the root of the problem, which almost always lies within subconscious beliefs you hold about yourself. You can overcome limiting beliefs through autosuggestion, a process by which you consistently reinforce the desired belief you want to hold.

Identifying and reshaping these beliefs is a topic unto itself, so you can click here to learn more about empowerment exercises to help you with it.

Or, read more about where negative emotions come from in this interview with The Dalai Lama.

Hypnosis and Guided Meditation by Michael Sealey

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