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How To Keep Your Chakras Aligned With Healing Bracelets

For thousands of years people have believed in the idea of chakras. Powerful energy
centers located throughout the body. Each one corresponding with a specific area and
purpose. When “out of balance” it’s said that you may feel anything from depressed,
anxious or stressed.

When they are perfectly aligned, you’ll naturally feel a sense of well-being.
Inside this article, you will find how using chakra jewelry can help keep you in balance.
What the most common symptoms of having imbalanced chakras are, and what
gemstones you should consider having in your chakra bracelets. Let’s get started.

Quick Chakra History

Chakras have gained recognition throughout the years as powerful energy centers in our
bodies. They run from the base of our spine all the way up to the top of our head. Energy
is everywhere, and we are all-day-long exposed to different types of energies.
Not only when we do our daily routines, but when we sleep. Chakras absorb all those
kinds of energy and send them back out from the body. When chakras are aligned all the
energy flows smoothly and without any trouble. It creates harmony in your spiritual and
physical body. Also, it makes an impact on your surroundings. Situations around you
develop easily because of the healthy energy flow circling.

Understanding the causes of unbalanced chakras can help us recognize and prevent
these scenarios. People’s work lifestyle has gotten stressful throughout the years. One
of the physical chakra blockages is stress, and even if we can’t get rid of this completely,
we can manage it.

Breathing mindfully is considered one of the easiest ways to restore your chakra’s
balance. Take your time every day to focus on getting together your inner energy. This
will help you considerably.

The next thing you can do is wear crystal bracelets with colors that resonate with specific

Now let’s take a look at how you can wear a bracelet with specific stones to help heal
your chakras and balance your energy.

How Chakra Bracelets Work

People have been using gemstones for a really long time to enjoy their healing
properties. These powerful crystals are given to people to help them. They are included
in multiple rituals where they are placed in the body to clear and balance our energies.
Chakra bracelets will bring powerful healing energy to you in your day by day. When
used consciously these bracelets can start influencing your life in a positive way. It could be either creating awareness or influencing your energy flow. You will be able to enjoy
the benefits.

It’s very simple to start wearing your chakra bracelet and experience its wonders.
Ways To keep your Energy Aligned With Your Chakra Bracelet
It can be easy to align your energy while using chakra bracelets.
Whenever you purchase your bracelet, make sure it has one of the gemstones or
crystals that we name for each chakra. These are said to be linked with our chakras.
This means they can influence and correct the energy flow where needed.

Root Chakra – Muladhara

This one is located at the bottom of the lower back. Represents the energy that helps
you connect with your physical body and grounds your connection to the earth.

When this chakra is not balanced: people tend to feel anxiety and jitteriness. Creating
problems in your physical health, like prostate problems in men and ovarian cysts in
women, between others.

At the moment of making your purchase, you can check your bracelet includes Red
Jasper, this gemstone is ideal for stimulating the root chakra. The red jasper counts with
properties to help you stay grounded spiritually.

Other crystals you can use are Black Tourmaline, Bloodstone, Hematite, and Smoky

Learn more about balancing the root chakra.

Sacral Chakra – Svadhisthana

The sacral chakra is located below the belly button. It’s connected to your sexual energy
and your emotional side.

When this chakra is not balanced: people tend to feel unsettled and might experience
big discomfort, lack of creativity, moodiness, and depression. Physical problems like
hormonal imbalances and obesity are common.

Make sure your bracelet comes with a Carnelian, this beautiful stone will help you
increase your concentration, as a result, you will experience a boost in your creativity. It
will enhance your vibrations and fix the blocked chakra.

Other stones you can have in your bracelet are Gold Stone, Tiger’s Eye, and Tangerine

Learn more about balancing the sacral chakra.

Solar Plexus Chakra – Manipura

This is the third chakra and it’s located above the sacral chakra and below the beginning
of your breastbone. The solar plexus chakra is related to people’s motivation. It also
represents your confidence and personal power.

When this chakra is not balanced: feelings like anger towards people and lack of
empathy are very common. People who had their third chakra blocked claimed that they
felt insecure, afraid, emotionally weak, and taking decisions was a hard thing to do.

When buying your bracelet make sure it has a Citrine crystal. This powerful yellow
mineral quartz will transmute negative energies to clean, heal and unblocked your
chakra. This crystal can give you support when you feel low in energy. You can also use
these other crystals in your bracelet, Topaz, Amber, Pyrite, and Ametrine.

Learn more about balancing the solar plexus.

Heart Chakra – Anahata

The hearth chakras as it sounds, it’s placed in your chest area, over your heart. This
chakra is the point where the physical and spiritual dimension connects. This chakra is
all about kindness, compassion, mercy, and self-love.

When this chakra is not balanced: personal relationships tend to be in danger, not only
with people around but with yourself. When the heart chakra is blocked circulatory
problems are likely.

When you are buying your bracelet make sure Aventurine is the gemstone for this
chakra. This stone helps support you by enhancing your confidence. It lightens the vibes
and smoothes the energies. Other crystals you can try are Jade, Amazonite, Rhodonite,
and Rose quartz.

Learn more about balancing the heart chakra.

Throat Chakra – Vishuddha

The fifth chakra is located in the throat region. This chakra represents people’s abilities
to communicate. It is also responsible for how honest, kind, and confident from the heart
people are. The throat chakra is linked to your capacity to speak the inner truth.

When this chakra is not balanced: people tend to keep their feelings to themselves. It is
hard for them to communicate. They simply suffer alone. Not being able to express your
feelings might turn into a physical health issue. Problems like throat pain, mouth ulcers,
cavities, and digestive problems occur often.

Double-check that your bracelet has Turquoise. This gemstone’s energy can encourage
people to express their feelings with clarity. Other stones you can use are Sodalite, Blue
Calcite, Blue kyanite, and Celestite check all at MystiqMoon.

Learn more about balancing the throat chakra.

Third Eye – Ajna

The third eye chakra is the number six in the list. Located between your eyebrows this
chakra represents people’s intuition. Is often said to be that gut feeling that can save us
from risky situations.

This chakra is highly perceptive. Senses energy movement and
subtle dimensions. Other connections like psychic abilities are related to this chakra.
When this chakra is not balanced: feelings like daily frustration and lack of clarity are
commun. Other problems are allergies, headaches, and sinuses issues.

When you are getting your bracelet make sure the amethyst crystal is included. This
beautiful purple crystal can help you reach into your inner intuition, helping you connect
with your wisdom. Other gemstones you can use are Labradorite, Lapis Lazuli,
Sapphire, and Azurite.

Learn more about balancing the third eye center.

Crown Chakra – Sahasrara

This is the last chakra, it’s placed at the top of your head. Represents your connection
with the universe’s energy, which is infinite. It’s the transcendence of our limitations.

When this chakra is not balanced: people tend to be disconnected from their spiritual
world. They have no self-awareness and can’t enjoy spiritual enlightenment. Also, can’t
let go of problems of the past and are over materialistic matters.

When you are buying your bracelet make sure the Clear Quartz is included. This crystal
is well-known as the master healer. It will help you align your crown chakra. It possesses
a high vibration getting you to expand your consciousness.

Other gemstones you should include in your bracelet are Moonstone, Opal, Diamond, K2, and Lepidolite.

Learn more about balancing the crown chakra.

Healing Meditation with Chakra Bracelets

Every year more people are starting to change their path. Having a conscious
awakening is a wonderful call you should follow. Implementing meditation with the use of
your chakra bracelets can help you enhance your lifestyle. Meditation is the easiest way
you can put yourself into a calm state. This way you can clear negative thoughts and
reach a deeper connection with your inner self.

Kyle Greenfield

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