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Third Eye Chakra Problems and Imbalances

Named Ajna in Sanskrit, it is also known as the third eye chakra or the sixth chakra. This is the energy center for our perspectives and where our intuition and our learned intelligence bridge.

How Do Chakras Become Blocked?

Chakras can be understood as energy centers that are gathered around the midline of the body and work their way up the spine. They gather around major organs and can be visualized as small vortexes of energy within the body that also radiate their energy outwards about one foot.

The chakras encompass the emotional, physical, and spiritual layers that correlate to that specific chakras purpose. Each chakra holds a different aspect of our psyche as well as has different elements and physical organs associated with it.

The chakra system works similar to a river segmented into seven sections. If one section becomes clogged it will affect the water flow within the other sections of the river. Each chakra can become blocked by suppressed emotions, fears, and holding onto what we need to let go of for our evolution.

Louise Hays, an author of many books such as Heal Your Body A-Z and You Can Heal Your Life, wrote these on the concept that our thoughts and emotions are what creates disease within the body. She goes to explain how negative emotions manifest within the body and work as a mirror to reflect back to us what is going on within our inner world.

The chakra system similarly works as a mirror into our emotions and beliefs around what the energy that chakra represents. We can look into imbalances and pain within the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies and trace it back through the chakra system to the chakra it correlates with and find ways to heal it.

Symptoms Of A Blocked Third Eye Chakra

When the sixth chakra is blocked the imbalance may present itself physically within the brain, eyes, pineal gland, and pituitary gland. It can manifest as headaches, dizziness, poor vision, seizures, and lack of concentration.

This also includes brain problems such as difficulty processing information, memory issues, and anxiety. Hearing problems can relate to this chakra as well because of the way we use it to perceive information. insomnia, and learning disabilities.

Emotionally third eye chakra blockages can manifest as feelings of paranoia, issues focusing, having a closed mind, and being stuck in either rational or intuitive thought processes. To learn how meditation increases your intuition click here.

Nightmares or hallucinations may also arise from a blockage in the third eye. As well as feeling mentally exhausted, in a fog, or struggling to differentiate between reality and the imagination. Lacking trust in one’s intuition or being gullible is another sign the third eye needs to be balanced.

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What Are The Gifts Of An Open Third Eye Chakra?

When the Ajna chakra is open we are able to see past habitually integrated information and read in between the lines to recognize the truth. An open third eye chakra stimulates one to be able to perceive objectively so that one’s personal bias does not block them from the entirety of the situation.

Other gifts of this chakra include choosing actions that serve a higher purpose rather than immediate gratification driven by clouded emotions. Trusting our instincts that go beyond the limited rational mind are included in this.

The third eye chakra is also related to gaining information from extrasensory perception. This means perceiving the even more subtle layers to life. Included in this are:

  • Clairvoyance – clearly seeing and perceiving deeper levels to sight. This includes seeing auras and spirit guides. Click here to learn how to see auras as a beginner.
  • Clairaudience – clear hearing which includes hearing messages from spirit guides
  • Clairsentience – clear feeling which includes being an empath and feeling other people emotions as your own
  • Clairtangency – clear touch which means being able to perceive information through touch
  • Claircognizance – clear thinking which includes intuitive knowledge that somehow seems to innately pop into your head. Click here to learn more about how to follow your intuition.

How Can We Balance The Third Eye Chakra?

To balance the third eye chakra there are many tools you can use. Increasing mindfulness is a daily tool you can use to constantly empower your sixth chakra to be healthy. Try these 5 techniques to increase your sense of touch and expand your clairtangency.

You may also perform a gentle third eye massage with the intention of opening it with grace and ease. To do so find a quiet space you feel comfortable and can remain focused and undisturbed.

You can come into childs pose with your knees wide and feet touching. Rest your forehead either directly the floor, a yoga matt, or a yoga block. Then in sync with your breath slowly rock the head back and forth massaging the third eye.

This will also stimulate the vegas nerve and activate the parasympathetic system, which is in control of the bodies “rest and digest” response. Practice being mindful of the sensations within your whole body during this practice as well as any emotions that arise.

Chanting “OM”, also pronounced AUM, can activate and balance the third eye center. This mantra is believed to be the sound the entire universe was created and consists within. When we practice chanting there are many benefits that we produce. Click here to learn more about the benefits of chanting.

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